Nelly Furtado Calls Bringing 19-Year-Old Daughter to VMAs 'Full Circle Moment'

"She does work in the music business," Furtado, 44, revealed. "She's a colleague now of mine."

Nelly Furtado brought her 19-year-old daughter Nevis with her to the VMAs, and the singer is opening up about what it’s like having her daughter join the music business, calling it a “full circle moment.”

“Well, it’s funny,” Furtado told AP. “I’ve got my 19-year-old here as my plus one tonight. So she’s experiencing her kind of first award show.”

“She does work in the music business,” clarified Furtado, 44. “She’s a colleague now of mine. She helps me with A and R and stuff like that. And she’s very creative.”

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“So I would say being a mother has been a full circle moment for me,” she continued. “I also have a five year old and four year old and God, it’s, I love just, you know, life. It’s busy, it’s wild sometimes.”

“But that’s the beautiful part, right? It’s not, you know, roses every day. But that’s what makes life, life.”

Furtado also shared with The Hollywood Reporter that she wanted her daughter to see the powerful women performing, adding, “I can’t wait to sit with her and watch all these powerful women perform.”

“Whether it’s Shakira, or Carol G, or Anita, or Megan Thee Stallion, or all of these women– the list goes on. I am a fan and I am excited to be watching all the creativity tonight.”

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