Owners share hilarious photos of their cats in VERY awkward positions

Feline strange! Pet owners share hilarious photos of their cats in VERY awkward positions – from sleeping in a bowl to rolling around in a drawer

  • Bored Panda has rounded up the world’s most mischievous cats in a gallery
  • One snap shows a cat sleeping in a bowl, unaware of another cat under the able 
  • Another photo captured the moment a cat tried to steal snacks from a cupboard 

Cats can be great companions, but as proven by these snaps they can find themselves in some very awkward positions while getting up to mischief. 

From a feline lounging in a bathroom sink to one caught climbing shelves in a snack cupboard, Bored Panda has rounded up a selection of cats that have gone viral after their antics were shared on social media by owners from around the world.

Among the amusing collection of snaps is a mob of moffies with glowing eyes who took control of the shelves in a kitchen. 

Elsewhere, a curious cat got into a tricky situation when they stuck their head through a hole in the wall in the bathroom, while another left their owner baffled after being discovered upside down in a kitchen drawer. 

Bored Panda has rounded up a selection of images from around the world that show cats getting into very awkward positions – including a feline, in an unknown location, that was caught trying to steal snacks from a cupboard

Don’t use me to dry the dishes! This cheeky cat baffled their owner by going for a roll around in the drawer with the tea towels 

Let’s hope nobody turns the tap on! Another pet owner from California, was left amused after snapping their cat lounging in the bathroom sink with its tail in the air 

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Perfect for a long nap! This rather elongated-looking pet chose the fruit bowl as the ideal location for a cat nap

Mob of moggies! One pet owner in Canada, photographed their five cats dominating the majority of storage space in their kitchen 

Cat’s going to be a problem! One owner found their feline climbing the bathroom wall and poking their head through a hole 

On a journey! This cat looked less than impressed at being in the car, but was determined to perch on their climbing frame regardless  

Just stretching! A cat, from an unknown location, went viral on social media after being photographed appearing to do yoga

It’s SpiderCat! One pet owner from Turkey, was left speechless after seeing their cat appearing to be suspended in mid air 

Cat burglar! nother animal lover from California, photographed a mischievous feline attempting to steal bananas from a tree 

That’s my idea of exercise! Another pet was seen making themself comfortable on a pull-up bar 

Just hanging out! Despite the precarious position, this pet didn’t seem to mind lounging at an angle on their cat climbing frame 

Self admiration! A cat owner, in an unknown location, photographed their moggy examining its knees 

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