People are only just realising why trainers have bootstrap loop at back

Ever noticed loops on the back of your shoes? While you may think they're just decorative, they actually have an important function.

Heel loops – AKA bootstraps – make it easier for you to put on your footwear.

If your trainers or boots are a bit tight, you can pull up on the extra material and shimmy your foot into position.

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What's more, some use heel loops to hang up their shoes and air them out without ruining them.

The phrase "pulled up by your bootstraps" has been used since the early 19th century.

According to Collins Dictionary, it means "to improve your situation by your own efforts, without help from anyone else".

This isn't the only footwear feature to baffle people recently.

Last year, social media users questioned why trainers have extra shoelace holes on them.

Apparently, they’re called eyelets and have a very specific purpose.

You can thread shoelaces through the holes to give yourself extra ankle support.

This “heel lock” stops your foot from sliding around as you’re walking, which helps to prevent blisters.

It’s also important that people wear shoes that mould well to their feet when they’re doing physical activity.

By using the ankle eyelet and lacing trainers up properly, you could reduce risk of injury too.

The Run Shoe Store website explains: “If your heel slips while wearing the shoe, there’s an increased risk of developing a blister around your heel area.

“A lace lock can be used to prevent that from happening.

“Lace locking increases the tension that the top lace applies against the instep of the foot.

“The greater the tension, the more the heel stays in its proper place.”


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