Pregnant satirist fools people into thinking she is 62-YEARS-OLD

Mother-to-be, 42, pokes fun at the concept of ‘geriatric pregnancy’ in videos claiming she’s 62 and fell pregnant after the menopause – but some people are falling for it!

  • Portland-based mother named Jenny, makes satirical videos on  Instagram
  • Her account, ‘The Good Wifey’, boasts a following of over 70,000
  • A number of followers appear to have fooled by her sarcastic posts 
  • Claims her skin is in good condition by toning with the tears of her children  

A pregnant mother-of-two who makes satirical videos has convinced some people that she is 62-years-old – saying she retains a youthful glow by using the tears of her children as skin toner.

Jenny, 42, from Portland, Oregon, runs the Instagram account The Good Wifey where she’s racked up a following of 70,000 people, and is expecting a baby boy in November. 

In a series of videos, she’s claimed she’s 62-years-old and describes the baby as a ‘miracle’, since she hasn’t had a period in 16 years and her husband, 72, had a vasectomy more than a decade ago. 

She created the videos to poke fun at the idea concept that expectant mothers over the age of 35 are considered ‘geriatric pregnancies’, and while many people get the joke, a number of her followers appear to believe she is genuine. 

A post shared by The Good Wifey (

Commenting on a video titled Getting pregnant at 62, one wrote: ‘A lot of my clients are 45+ having babies! I think it’s amazing even if you weren’t exactly planning this chapter of your book!’

Another added: ‘I don’t think you’r too old. I just think about you’ll be 72 when he/she is ten or at 20 he/she might be a care giver. At 30 when he gets married you’ll 92. Whoaaa something to think about.’

Along the same lines, another added: ‘The typical life span ends at 76. It would absolutely be devastating for that child to lose their mother from old age and that child isn’t even a teenager.’ 

A lot of respondents seem unsure, with one writing: ‘Is she really 62? I’m so confused.’

And a further Instagram user wrote: ‘Well there are women in the Bible that had children in their later years. Anything is possible. I am praying for a miracle.’ 

Jenny, whose satirical Instagram account has more than 70,000 followers, says she is pregnant at the age of 62

Jenny claims her husband is 72-years-old, and had a vasectomy 16-years ago, making the pregnancy even more of a surprise

However, many of the account’s users are in on the joke. 

One commentator wrote: ‘I giggle so much that so many commenters still think this satire is truth.’ 

Another added: ‘It’s sarcasm people she’s not actually 62. She looks amazing and it doesn’t matter really what age she is.’ 

In one ofher videos, Jenny asked the camera: ‘When people find out I’m pregnant, they love to ask: “How old are you?”.

‘Well let me tell you. I’m 62-years-old, and yes, I’m going to break the Guinness Book of World Records for naturally conceiving and giving birth this year. Any more questions?’

Jenny made a video in which she claimed people are always asking her how old she is when she tells them she is pregnant 

Responding to the question of age, the satirist said she is 62-years-old, and that she is going to break the world record for for naturally conceiving and giving birth this year.

Youthful looks: Jenny responded to people who asked how she maintains her youthful looks by posting a jokey video saying she applies goat milk butter to her face

The Instagrammer added that she stays looking youthful by using the ‘tears of her children’ as skincare

In yet another video, she addressed people who asked how she manages to look so youthful despite claiming she’s in her 60s, and said it’s not just down to a ‘pregnancy glow’.

She said: ‘I moisturize daily and nightly with goat milk butter. And don’t forget to tone your skin with the tears of your children, and the ever so important caviar face mask imported from Russia only.’

The post received mixed-responses, with one commentator saying: ‘Maybe just tell people it’s a filter.’

Another, who seemed to get to joke, wrote: ‘You look Fabulous!! Tears of my children, love it.’ 

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