Premier Inn worker disgusted when pigs throw food on ceiling and over floor

A cleaner at Premier Inn was left fuming when he saw the appalling state a couple of "pigs" left their room in – as seen in a shocking video he filmed.

While some people, like this lad, go to great lengths to leave their rooms spotless for the cleaning staff, apparently some do the exact opposite.

In the clip, the floor of the room is absolutely coated in crisp crumbs and packets, the sheets are stained yellow, and there are the remnants of a cooked breakfast left all over the desk.

A fried egg is also lying on the carpet and another one is stuck to the ceiling above the bed, leaving the furious cleaner at a loss for words.

Somehow, the filthy customers have even smeared food all over the television which has grubby marks on the screen.

In the on-screen text, he blasts: "Look how these customers left their room this morning. I can’t even imagine what their house looks like.

"They must be cross human cross pigs. Oh no no no, not the ceiling too.

"I have seen it all. These donkeys are going to learn when they get that invoice."

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The video has been watched more than one million times since it was uploaded by @tsmallzz on TikTok on September 25.

Most people were horrified by the disrespect shown by the customers and blasted their behavior in the comments section.

One said: "So pleased you said they were going to get an additional bill. Serves them right. What is wrong with people?"

A second user shared: "I clean the room and make the beds before the cleaners come in because I wouldn’t let them in a messy room."

"Am I the only one who bags up everything and leaves it by the door because I feel bad?" wrote someone else.

But another person didn't seem too bothered about the horrible mess though, and wrote: "They were just drunk, woke up for checkout, and no time to fix."

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