Prince William Was Furious After This Photo of Kate Middleton Was Released

Prince William‘s wife, Kate Middleton, is one of the most photographed women in the world. These days, the Duchess of Cambridge is seen smiling brightly and waving to the cameras whenever she’s at an engagement or public event. But before she married the prince, Kate was often seen being pursued by photographers every time she stepped out in public.

One time in particular got William very upset because of what the paparazzo did to get the shot. Here’s more on that.

Kate had to watch videos of Princess Diana to learn how to handle the paparazzi

Kate underwent some training for royal life long before she and William got engaged. In 2003, the palace requested that the prince’s then-girlfriend watch videos of the late Princess Diana.

Because the paps had become a constant presence in Kate’s life, the royal household wanted her to see how Diana interacted with photographers.

“Bizarrely, she had been advised to watch footage of the late Princess of Wales in order to learn how to deal with the paparazzi, notorious for being aggressive in their pursuit of a picture, taunting their prey in order to get a response,” Nicholl wrote in her book Kate: The Future Queen. “At the palace, there was a concerted effort not to allow Kate to be exposed to the same ruthless treatment.”

Why this photo taken of Kate infuriated Prince William

The Express noted that in the documentary William and Kate: Too Good To Be True, several royal experts discussed a photo taken of Kate that angered both William and the palace.

“I remember she was photographed on a London bus going down the King’s Road,” Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer recalled. “To me, it’s a historic photo. It’s a photo of probably someone who is going to be our queen in the future, sitting downstairs on a London bus. The palace didn’t like it.”

Kate was taking the bus to an interview when the picture was snapped. But it wasn’t so much what the picture showed, it was the fact that the photographer who took it wouldn’t leave Kate alone and followed her everywhere she went that day.

Royal author Marcia Moody said: “Kate was photographed on a bus while going for a job interview. It was argued that there was no difference being photographed on a bus, than from being photographed walking down the street or shopping with her mother. But the big difference this time was that Kate had been followed by the photographer all day.”

The palace later issued a statement asking that Kate’s privacy be respected.

The other photo that left the Duke of Cambridge fuming

Another photo that really ticked off William was one snapped in 2012 of Kate sunbathing topless while on vacation at a secluded chateau in Provence. The photos were taken by a French paparazzo who was lurking in the bushes half a mile away from the private estate.

After the pictures were released, the prince said that the ordeal reminded him of harassment his mother had endured and he took legal action against the tabloid that published them.

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