Punters left fuming at insane bill after ordering four drinks in posh hotel

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Nothing beats heading down to your local boozer to grab a few pints and catch up with mates.

With the majority of our year spent amongst restrictions, hitting the town has been one of the most missed things for many.

Instead of cracking open a chilled one or bringing out a bottle of red in the confines of our homes, people are very much enjoying the atmosphere of pubs and bars again.

Although, the price of a couple of drinks out seems to have surpassed people's minds.

Some punters were recently left shocked at the price of their “insane drinks bill” from a Belfast Hotel, reported by The Irish Mirror.

Taking to Twitter to share their alleged pricey receipt, the customer posted a snap of the bill.

They captioned the post: "A night in Belfast. Completely insane. Rip off NI."

Angry at what they forked out, the bill quickly racked up to £33.60 for only four drinks.

The order consisted of two 250ml glasses of Sauvignon Blanc at £11 each and two pints of beer for £5.80 each.

After drinking their pricey tipples, the punter went back to order more drinks.

And, this time racked up an even more expensive bill.

Costing more than the first order of drinks, the second receipt totalled to £46 for five drinks.

The order included two bramble cocktails priced at £12 and two shortcross cocktails at £9 each.

They even forked out a whole £4 for some ‘crisp’ tonic.

People were divided over the customers' outrage over the bill, some people took to the comments to take the side of the punter.

One person commented: "£11 for a glass of prob not great wine is total rip off.

"It's like they have contempt for customers and just want to empty their pockets. I would check prices in advance and avoid any place like this…"

Someone else added: “Not surprised by this. Belfast is not cheap anymore. I lived in London for 16 years and believe prices here on a night out are on a par with London.”

However, many people defended the hotel bar prices and blamed the customer for buying the drinks in the first place.

One person said: "Keyboard warrior ffs, of course it's expensive, it's the nicest hotel in Belfast with a bar on the 23rd floor!”

Another suggested: "Go to Spoons if you want pish pints and watered down cocktails ffs."

A third person commented: "You went to the most expensive bar in Belfast, were you really expecting a cheap night out?"

Someone else simply said: “Easy don't drink there.”

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