Pushing washing machine button allows you to ditch tumble dryer – and save cash

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    Tumble dryers are known for being one of the priciest household appliances to run.

    But sadly, during winter Brits are forced to depend on them as they can't hang clothes to dry outside. What's more, hanging them up inside risks damp, which can lead to mould.

    The average cost to run a tumble dryer is approximately £200 a year – but there's a way to avoid using this energy-hungry appliance again, thanks to a little-known washing machine button people rarely use. A woman revealed on social media that this button had saved her a lot of money over time.

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    According to the Mirror, the spin at the end of a washing cycle reduces how much water your clothes hold, meaning they'll dry quicker. The higher the RPM, or revolutions per minute, the drier the clothes will be, reducing extra drying time.

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    Posting on X, previously known as Twitter, Deanne wrote: "After I have done a load of washing I always put the load on an extra spin to get more water out of the clothes. Will be quicker to dry then." This was in response to Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, who asked Brits for their "best, easiest home energy efficiency tips".

    Another person shared: "I love this one, my grandma taught me this one. Very handy if you're putting your clothes on a maiden to dry, knocks about six hours off the drying time." This trick also lowers the risk of mould as clothes won't need to dry for as long.

    Others chimed in with their own advice, with one saying: "Continue to hang your washing outside in the winter when the weather allows. Might only be 80 per cent dry, but that's 80% less energy required in the tumble dryer."

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