Rapper A$AP Ferg Shows Off His BMX Talent & Reveals Why Riding Always Represented ‘Freedom’

In addition to A$AP Ferg’s rap game, he’s also an avid BMX rider & entrepreneur. The rapper talks to HL about his hobby & why it’s so important to him.

Born and raised in Harlem, NY, A$AP Ferg, whose real name is Darold D. Brown Ferguson Jr., would get together with his friends when he was younger and ride BMX bikes through the neighborhood. “BMX riding is part of Harlem culture, we would get our crews together and ride,” the “Plain Jane” rapper explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. “It represents freedom. We were able to go anywhere we wanted.” His love for BMX is clear in the video of “Plain Jane,” if you’ve seen it!

Now, A$AP Ferg has partnered with storied BMX bike brand Redline on an exclusive limited-edition bike and original merch, which includes the new RL 275 A$AP Ferg x Redline bike. “Having a Redline collaboration represents my youth and is a ride down memory lane,” he told HL of the partnership. “I would ride Redline bikes as a kid. Having this collaboration is a dream come true.” A$AP’s first bike he owned happened to be by the brand, and he revealed that he was incredibly involved in the design of the bike and passionate about the collab.

This is just the first of A$AP Ferg’s upcoming business ventures, as he also told Business Insider, “It’s embedded in me to do different things. Now I’ve got the platform to do everything I want to do and what I dreamed of doing.”

Ahead of the June 13th launch party in NYC, A$AP gave his biggest fans the opportunity to essentially spend the day with him and crew! On June 11, A$AP Ferg x Redline BMX debuted on NTWRK, and the collaborators brought viewers around the city of Los Angeles with them for the day. So cool!

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