Reddit users left scratching their heads looking for the cat hiding in this snap

If you love a puzzle then you'll love trying to solve this one.

A cat owner shared an image of their living room asking Reddit users to find the cat in the photo.

Taking to the open forum, user pizzaslayer111 shared a snap of the hallway and living room.

The owner revealed that a cat was hiding somewhere in the frame.

In the caption, it read: "Find my cat in this photo."

Since it was shared last week, the post secured 22,100 upvotes and 780 comments from fans.

How long did it take you to find the cat? Tell us below…

It certainly took us a few moments to spot the furry friend.

And if you're really struggling, just remember you're looking for a black cat.

Don't worry if it's tough on you, if you scroll down we've circled it in red for you.

One person commented: "Hahaha had to zoom in. Love it."

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Another added: "Where is it? I've been looking for a straight five minutes."

A third joked: "Is it normal I looked at the chandelier first?"

And a fourth admitted: "I spent 10 minutes and only just saw it, don't judge me."

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