Revealed: Rose Hanbury Reacts to Rumors of Her Affair With Prince William

Royal fans just don’t know what to believe—would Prince William, who has a seemingly perfect marriage with his wife, Kate Middleton, really cheat and risk it all? Or are the tabloids blowing things way out of proportion?

The British media has tread lightly on this matter and mosthaven’t reported on the scandal. Why? Fear of litigation, for one thing. Butthe bigger reason is that there isn’tany proof that Prince William cheated other than the circumstantialevidence that the Duchess of Cambridge allegedly wanted to “phase out” RoseHanbury from their social circle.

There are some royal fans who questioned if Rose Hanburymade up the rumorsherself and spread them for attention. However, after weeks of silence theMarchioness of Cholmondeley has finally sent a huge message that didn’t requirea single word.

Did Prince William really cheat on his wife?

There are only two people who know for sure if the Duke of Cambridge really followed in his father’s cheating footsteps. Most people only know a few incriminating details that could be interpreted in several ways.

The backstory goes like this: Prince William and Kate Middletonused to be friends with the Marchioness and her husband, David Cholmondeley.They were all part of a social set known as the “TurnipToffs” and did things like attend charity events together and play charadesin their sprawling mansions. But then out of the blue, or so it seemed, theDuchess of Cambridge cut ties with her former friend. People were desperate to figureout why.

Rumors of infidelity began in the tabloids and quicklygained legs on social media. One now-deleted tweet from British reporterGiles Coren said, “everyone knows about the affair.” But did they? It’s allso unclear.

As expected, the Palace has refused to dignify the rumors witha response. However, after weeks of silence, Rose Hanbury is going public inher own way.

The Cholmondeleys are returning to the public eye

Now that the rumors have mostly blown over, Rose Hanbury and her husband are ready to return to the spotlight. The British magazine Tatler reported that the Marquess is hosting an art show this summer in their home, Houghton Hall. This is kind of a big deal after they’ve been essentially hiding out for months.

The move is being interpreted as a statement of innocence,or at least of not caring what people think. Inviting friends and foes intotheir home is certainly sending a message that they’ve moved on from the cheatingscandal and hope everyone can do the same. It’s the equivalent of admittingthey’ve got nothing to hide.

But no matter how innocent this couple proclaims to be, youshouldn’t expect to see Prince William and Kate Middleton at the art show.

When will the Prince William affair rumors die out?

The one thing Prince William needs for the rumors to go awayis time. Now that there’s a new royal family event to focus on—the birth of ArchieHarrison, Prince Harry’s first baby—people will start losing interest inunproven affair rumors and move on with their lives.

If there aren’t any more questions of the Duke of Cambridge’s devotion to his wife, then expect the rumors to fade out forever.

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