Scorpio 2022 yearly horoscope: What the secretive water sign can expect from 2022

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Scorpio, you need to get creative and get to know yourself a bit more this year. When it comes to success, you’ll do your best when you let yourself transform out of the funk you’re in and into your higher self. chatted to Lesley Francis (@lesley.francis on Instagram), a practising astrologer, author and host of the Coloring Outside the Box podcast, to find out the Scorpio 2022 yearly horoscope.

Overall Theme for 2022

You feel like you are stuck in the biggest traffic jam of your life right now, Scorpio.

However, Lesley said being stuck is just part of the process of living and it always has a purpose.

The astrologer explained: “In this case, it is designed to make you sick and tired of the same old thing and make you uncomfortable enough to choose to transform the swampy bits in your life into something less like toxic waste and more like the beauty of nature.

“It’s time to awaken and reveal the passion and the sacredness of who you are within.”

2022 offers you a number of off-ramps to initiate the shift and change you need, Lesley said.

She said: “The question is will you recognise those invitations when they appear? And will you accept that this is an inside job, not a function of anyone else or anything else but yourself?

“The key here is to remain open to all possibilities, avoid creating any preconceived ideas about the form these off-ramps may take, to pay attention to anything that makes you light up, and to welcome what feels improbable.

“In fact, the more improbable the better. It’s most likely to catapult you out of any stagnation you are feeling and into the very rebirth you seek in the deepest recesses of who you are.”


Your relationships often feel like a recipe with ingredients that don’t quite fit together, Scorpio.

The mystic said: “What’s more, you aren’t quite sure exactly how that came to be or what you can do about it.

“Well, rebirthing yourself is likely to create quite a lot of dissonance, particularly in relationships.

“Not because there is necessarily anything inappropriate or problematic in those connections, but because as you transform, you are no longer who you once were.

“This is as confusing as it can be exhilarating so it makes sense that there is likely going to be a change in how you relate to others.

“It’s all a bit daunting because, after all, you are essentially building a new relationship with yourself.

“How on earth can you relate to anyone else effectively when you are in flux, in transition? The answer is simple. Just be open about where you are.

“It will certainly make it easier for you as well soothe any confusion or ruffled feathers in relationships old and new.”

Success and Money

What’s calling to you from deep within is not about status or financial gain, it’s about creativity, passion and vitality.

If you don’t have any of these three things in your career in 2022, you will find it hard to muster up any enthusiasm or commitment to that career/job, the astrologer said.

She expanded: “Oh, you will force yourself to do what is required of you, but you won’t be present in any meaningful way.

“Now, this isn’t a sign that you should up and quit. Rather, it’s a sign that you need to open up your consciousness and allow yourself to birth a new vision.

“Once that is in place things will start to flow and new opportunities land on your doorstep, ones that offer you the pathway to a new beginning.

“Abundance is not always about money. Instead, in 2022, it’s about satisfaction and a renewed focus on what matters to you most.”

Pitfalls and Potential Problems

The temptation to hide from yourself is always a challenge for you, Scorpio.

Lesley said: You camouflage it by telling yourself that you are just a really, really private person. Which isn’t untrue.

“But, do you really need to protect yourself from you? Because if you believe that, you are keeping who you are at arm’s length, not from others, but from yourself.

“This creates a disconnect and an inner dissonance that is harder to bear than actually being aware and open to whatever you believe needs to be hidden.

“Not only do you get in your own way, but you also create inner burdens that get heavier and heavier as time goes on.

“2022 is going to knock on the door of the vault you keep yourself locked away in and demand you open up.

“Otherwise, it will get blown open, leaving you overwhelmed and stunned.

“Somewhere deep inside you, you are tired of running away from yourself. You want to know all of you. And you should. There’s some really great stuff in you and about you that you forgot about.”

Lesley posts videos on her Youtube channel every Wednesday. 

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