Shoppers spot Easter eggs are ALREADY on supermarket shelves

Shell shocked! Astounded shoppers share snaps of chocolate eggs and hot crossed buns ALREADY on supermarket shelves – 16 weeks before Easter

  • British shoppers shocked to find Easter eggs already on sale around the country 
  • Called out supermarkets for ‘rampant consumerism’ as New Years yet to happen 
  • Took snap of Easter eggs, hot cross buns and chocolatey treats lined up in shops 

Supermarket shoppers have shared their shock at spotting chocolate Easter eggs on the shelves, even though it’s not even the end of December.

British customers popping into their local shops over the weekend were dismayed to find they are already stocking chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, a full 16 weeks before Easter Sunday.  

Customers slammed the likes of Asda, Morrison’s, Tesco and Co-op as they snapped pictures of the items on the aisles that were still full of festive treats in the run up to Christmas and shared them on Twitter. 

Some called out the shops for ‘rampant consumerism,’ while others asked what seasons were for. 

Shocked British shoppers have called out several supermarket chains around the country for already stocking Easter products, two days after Christmas Day, and before New Year’s Eve even takes place. Pictured: Creme eggs boxes and other Cadbury boxes in a Morrison’s

Even though Easter is not for another four months, people saw packs of Hot Cross Buns for sale at their local  Co-op

One people asked ‘what even are seasons’ after spotting Easter stock at their local Tesco, while Christmas music played on in the shop 

Easter is not due for another four months – 111 days – but supermarket chains are already enticing customers with deals on chocolate eggs.

Snaps taken by these disgruntled shoppers showed Cadbury mini eggs, Mars and Maltesers pouches as well as Creme Eggs stacked up on shelves. 

Hot cross buns reading ‘happy Easter’ were also spotted in several Co-op, while displays of Easter Eggs were seen in Morrison’s and Asda.

Several shocked customers revealed Waitrose was stocking up on Easter Egg as early as Christmas Eve. 

Disgruntled costumers took snaps of the Easter eggs and treats they saw in shops, joking Easter, which is taking place on April 17, is ‘just around the corner’ 

Meanwhile, a disgruntled consumer pleaded with their Tesco to ‘get over Christmas first’ and to ‘get rid of the flab before we start stuffing Easter,’ one said. 

One person said Creme Egg ice cream was also back in stock in Tesco and that Co-op was also getting the Easter treats out.  

Many joked it was ‘Easter Sunday,’ according to their locals, highlighting the absurdity of the move. 

‘At Tesco. Two days after Christmas. Easter stock on the shelves. Christmas music on the tannoy. What even are seasons,’ one asked.  

‘Live scenes from Waitrose Wallingford. Happy Easter everyone,’ one quipped, showing a snap of stacked boxes of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs. 

‘Just popped out buy a paper at my local Morrisons. Shame on them for stocking Easter eggs and this time,’ one hammered. 

‘P*** off Tesco it’s the 27th December, Christmas not Easter,’ one wrote.  

Bet Asda has Easter Eggs in stock this week. The rampant consumerism is real,’ another said. 

‘I’m just popping to Asda to get some Easter eggs, back soon,’ one tweeted.   

Creme Eggs are in our Co-op. In this house there are 12 days of Christmas, and they start today, so this may be satire. I can no longer tell.’ one said. 

‘Not Waitrose stocking the shelves with Easter Eggs on Christmas Eve. I will scream,’ one said, sharing a picture of Tony Chocolatoney chocolate egg cartons. 


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