Spoilers: Pregnancy shock for Chloe as she faces tough decision in Neighbours

Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) has already made the tough decision that she can’t have her own family in Neighbours because of her Huntington’s, but her world is about to be turned upside down.

She and husband Pierce (Tim Robards) between them decided that it wouldn’t be fair for them to have their own family due to the illness. They’d begun to think about the idea of fostering, and other avenues they could go down in order to expand their family. But nature has other ideas.

Chloe asks Ned to do something at work but she’s left gobsmacked when he turns around and tells her he doesn’t actually work for her anymore – it had totally slipped her mind. She’s petrified it’s a sign her Huntington’s is progressing faster than she’d imagined. As she dwells on what this could mean she’s hit by another shock – she’s actually pregnant.

For many people this might be amazing news, for Chloe she’s left in the worst possible place. Her Huntington’s may well be progressing fast, meaning any pregnancy would be seriously complicated. It also means any baby could be affected by the illness as well. Now she needs to have the test and face an agonising wait for news.

And another dilemma to add into the mix – when does she tell Pierce?

At first the thinks she’ll wait until after the test, but she realises he needs to know because the decision isn’t just hers. While her Huntington’s might not be too bad just yet, things will get worse in the future. Do they want to risk bringing a child into that world?

Chloe has to face the fact that she may not have long with her child, and the fact she may have passed on her illness. Now she has an impossible decision riding on her shoulders, whether or not to continue with the pregnancy.

Chloe turns to Elly (Jodi Anasta) for advice, and Elly helps her see that perhaps things aren’t as bad as she imagines. It helps Chloe reach a decision – she wants to wait until the 10 week scan before they decide once and for all.

Scenes air from Monday 27th July on Channel 5.

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