Stephen Dorff reflects on working with Johnny Depp

Stephen Dorff looks back fondly on his shared screen time with Johnny Depp. 

Dorff — who worked with Depp on the 2009 action flick “Public Enemy” — described the embattled star as a “great guy” who “was great to me” during their time on set. 

“He was a stand-up legend to me,” Dorff told Page Six. “… He was somebody who was generous, was friendly and giving to me, at a time when I’d just lost my mom and I was probably in the most vulnerable state I’d ever been in my life … I got to act with one of my heroes as an actor and one of my heroes as a director [Michael Mann].”

Depp, 57, recently lost a libel case against the UK newspaper The Sun for describing him as a “wife-beater” in regards to his tempestuous short-lived marriage to fellow star Amber Heard.

Dorff, 47, was reticent to weigh in on the lurid accusations Depp and Heard hurled at one another during the court case, noting, “I just have to say it’s a shame that publicly people’s lives have to get thrown out there in the world and I would just hope there’s some healing at some point for him and for her and for whatever because the truth is the guy is a great guy and was great to me. That’s all I can really go on.”

In his new flick “Embattled,” Dorff plays a famous MMA fighter who has a difficult relationship with his son who yearns to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Amazingly, Dorff said he only had approximately six weeks to get in shape, explaining that he “jumped right in” with his physical trainer and managed to put on around nine pounds of muscle in that short period of time.

“We had to Cliff Note it because we didn’t have the time,” he noted, while saying he is happy with the results and how the film turned out. 

“It’s a really dark look at father-son relationships against the backdrop of UFC, which is bigger than it’s ever been,” he said, adding there are “probably 9 million boxing biopics” but hardly any about the world of UFC.

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