Stood-up rescue dog with birth defect may soon get new home

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An adorable rescue dog with a birth defect who was stood up for adoption will likely get a new fur-ever home in a week or two, a rep from his Ohio rescue shelter told The Post.

Animal lovers hoping to adopt Jack — a 10-month-old American Bully, whose viral story melted the country’s heart — have flooded the shelter with 280 adoption applications and 800 inquiries since Friday, said Nicole Briggs, president of the Peaches Bully Rescue in West Chester.

“He has been through a lot. But we think that in a week or two we’ll have a home for him,” Briggs said. “We feel optimistic that his house is out there.”

It will take a special person or family to care for Jack, who has the spinal cord condition spina bifida, is incontinent and requires a raw food diet, she said.

The shelter is giving priority to folks with healthy, vaccinated pets that will get along well with Jack, she said. The pooch’s current foster family will likely travel to the potential adoptive home for a “meet and greet” between pets, she said.

“There are a lot of things [to consider] with special needs dogs. People feel sorry for them — but then they also  want to be like everybody else,” Briggs said. “People who have experience with spina bifida are a bonus.”

The no-show adoption last week was actually the third time Jack — who wears a diaper and loves being walked in a stroller — had been stood-up by a potential adoptive family, she said.

“Watching a little diaper baby go through that is heartbreaking,” she said. “He feels  excitement in the people around him, then he feels the let down.”

But she said the one-of-a-kind pooch will make a great addition to the right owner or family.

“He has a big personality and lots to say. He loves kids and playing with dogs his size,” she said. “We feel optimistic about his future.”

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