Tea expert claims you shouldnt use boiling water to make a cuppa

Jane Malyon, 66, runs a company selling afternoon tea hampers. She shared how to make the perfect cup of tea and revealed where Britons are going wrong.

Having sampled hundreds of teas for her job, Jane knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the ultimate cuppa.

She stated: “Tea is in our British blood. If something has gone wrong you just put the kettle on – it’s just our reaction to everything,” reported The Daily Star.

But despite the fact pretty much everyone is reaching for the kettle daily, very few of us are doing it right – according to the tea guru.

Jane believes that the perfect cuppa starts with warming the pot before the tealeaves go in.

She advised: “Swirl some hot water in then back out again so it’s hot and steamy for the best taste.”

Crucially, Jane opines that boiling water should not be used when making a brew.

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Instead, tea makers should catch it just before the water boils or just after so the leaves do not scald.

Milk should always go in last, according to the expert – “until you add the milk you won’t know how strong the tea is”.

Another common error made by tea drinkers is re-boiling water from the kettle which has already been boiled.

According to Jane, the oxygen is gone once the water is boiled, so won’t have the same taste as fresh water.

Jane also has some particular views on pairing your cuppa with a biscuit.

The tea guru believes people should only dunk a biscuit into their tea in private.

She believes it is not proper to do it in public places, particularly if said places are “posh”.

But as for which kind of biscuit is perfect for dunking, Jane feels that some are more suitable than others.

Personally she goes for a plain Rich Tea biscuit for dunking. If not for dunking, a milk chocolate digestive is “perfect”. She also revealed that Chocolate Hobnobs are very popular.

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