Texas nurse loses 109 pounds while she cared for coronavirus patients

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In the midst of divorce and the coronavirus pandemic, this Texas nurse was still able to drop 109 pounds by changing her lifestyle. 

Megan Hill, 35, from Fort Worth, Texas, weighed 244 pounds when she decided it was time for her to change her lifestyle in September 2019. 

At the time, Hill had fractured her right foot and her doctor told her it was because she weighed too much, she told SWNS. 

“I have a lot of chronic pain in my foot and I’m a floor nurse,” Hill told the news agency. “The doctor says that he thinks because I had so much weight on my right foot, I fractured it.”

Megan Hill (middle) lost 109 pounds, despite the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I tried to lose weight so many times and I’d done so many different diets,” Hill, a mother to two teenagers, added. “I’ve been overweight since I had my son.”

Though Hill had tried to lose weight before, this time was different. 


She told SWNS that this time around, she followed her own low-carb eating plan and started walking four miles every week with her mom and grandmother. 

“I’m a sweet tooth fiend so I had sugar-free cool whip with orange flavoring in it instead of cake,” Hill said. “I watched what I ate a lot.”

At her largest, Hill weighed 244 pounds. She is pictured with her 14-year-old son Vince. 

Even as Hill was changing her lifestyle, the world around her was changing, too. The coronavirus pandemic was just hitting the U.S. and her marriage was ending. 

“I had so much stress with COVID,” Hill told SWNS. “At first they cut our hours at work because in the beginning COVID wasn’t as prominent in Texas, it was more focused in New York.”

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    Hill decided to start losing weight in September 2019 after she fractured her foot and her doctor told her that it was fractured because of her weight.  (SWNS)

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    Though she had tried dieting before, Hill found the most success by following her own low-carb eating plan. (SWNS)

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    Hill also started walking four miles a week with her mother and grandmother.  (SWNS)

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    After months of hard work and dealing with a stressful year, Hill now weighs 135 pounds and went down to a size 3, from her previous size 22.  (SWNS)

“I got divorced in February 2020 and became a single mom with two kids and financial stress so I’m sure the stress contributed to the weight loss,” she added. “Then COVID built up and we ended up getting so many sick young people.”


Though she was transferred to work in the transplant department, Hill still ended up working with coronavirus patients twice a month, she told SWNS.

“I didn’t even let my son go to school because I work with very vulnerable transplant patients who cannot get sick with COVID,” Hill said. 

However, those stressful events weren’t the only motivators for Hill to lose weight. She also reconnected with a former high school crush, who she is now in a relationship with.  

Another, more positive motivator for Hill was reconnecting with a former high school crush, who she is now in a relationship with. Hill and her partner Samarion Evans are pictured.

“I had a crush on him in high school but he was two years older than me,” Hill said. “He reached out to me in November 2019 just as I was starting to lose the weight. I was still a little thicker but I was finally getting confident in my body and he reached out at the perfect time.”


Today, Hills weighs 135 pounds, after dropping 109 pounds. She also went down from a size 20 to a size 3, according to SWNS. 

She told the news agency that now that she’s lost all that weight, she can enjoy more activities than she did before.

“I feel like I’m not just sleeping, I’m actually living for the first time in my life,” she said. “Before I was so depressed, now I like to travel, go hiking, spend time with my kids, spend time with that man of mine.”

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