The House Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Dorit Kemsley Robbed

ABC News confirms that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley was robbed of about $1 Million worth of personal items in her Los Angeles home on Wednesday night. Reports confirmed that the robbery took place while Kemsley and her children were at home sleeping. According to Los Angeles Police Department, three men between ages 20 to 30 demanded Kemsley in bed to show them her valuables which she obliged to do so.

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On the evening of Wednesday at around 10:50 pm, the officers have responded to a report of a home robbery on 17000 block in Adlon Road Encino, according to the law enforcement sources of NBC News. The owner of the house told the officers who responded to the scene that were about two to three men who broke into their house who entered the home just by smashing the rear window and then proceeded to go the bedroom upstairs where they found the victim. The victim has reported to the officers that the men declared they were armed and forced her to lead them to her high-value items such as jewelry.

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The victim adds that at least one of the robbers has threatened to end her life. In fear for her safety, the victim just obliged and complied with the robbers; when they left her house, they were carrying an estimate of $1 million worth of valuables from the victim. Places nearby have security cameras; however, no one noticed the incident since it is not clear what was happening in the recorded videos during the robbery.

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As of Thursday in the afternoon, no arrests have been made, and no suspects have been identified yet; the report did not specify if they already have been suspected of the crime. The victim did not see the vehicle used by the robbers and even cannot tell if they used a vehicle since she did not see any vehicle.

No injuries and fatalities were reported in the incident. The case is being handled by a special division of the Los Angeles Police Department for Robbery-Homicide; the said department handles celebrity and high-profile related cases. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley and her representatives refused to comment about the incident when asked for her statement after the robbery surfaced.

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Sources: Daily Mail UK, ABC News, Fox News

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