This cosy heated blanket costs just 4p to run – and it's under £70

Winter warmers: Shoppers are avoiding turning the heating on thanks to this cosy heated blanket that costs just 4p to run – and it’s under £70

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Cost-of-living-conscious shoppers that are looking for economical ways to keep bills down have discovered a luxuriously soft heated blanket that costs just 4p an hour to run. 

The Dreamcatcher Luxurious Electric Throw Heated Throw Blanket has been hailed as a savvy way ‘to keep warm without the central heating’. With a fast heat-up time and nine heat settings for greater control, it has 1,600 five-star reviews and the best news? It’s currently £25 off on Amazon. 

Made out of soft and easy to care for polyester, the Dreamcatcher Electric Throw is suited to use on top of the bed and on the sofa.

Costing just 4p an hour to run, shoppers are using it as a more affordable alternative than turning on the central heating. 

It boasts nine heating settings, an auto shit off for your safety and a detachable control so you can throw it in the wash.  

Helping to save you money and keep you warm, the Dreamcatcher Luxurious Electric Throw Blanket is a hit with scores of Amazon shoppers. 

Measuring 160 x 120cm the large soft fleece heated blanket is big enough to use over your bed as an extra layer or to snuggle up with on your sofa.

Hailed as a ‘great bodywarmer for the colder evenings’, it’s a cost-effective way to keep warm without having to put the central heating on. 

Made of 100 per cent polyester, the Dreamcatcher electric blanket has a luxuriously soft surface that is comfortable to use in the evenings or when working from home.

Running at 4p an hour, the cosy design is significantly cheaper to run than turning on the central heating, making it a hero buy this January. 

And with a cold snap predicted across Britain over the next week, the 36 per cent saving could come at the perfect time.

As well as being soft and flexible, folding out to a measurement of 160 x 120cm, the electric blanket has nine heat settings so you can customise it to suit your needs. 

It also boasts a timer function and generous 2.4-meter cable, so you can relax with it in bed or spread out on the sofa. 

The soft fleece material adds to the comfort provided by the nine heat settings, plus you can set the auto shut-off for either one or nine hours later, making it perfect for short spells and overnight use

Shoppers have felt confident and comfortable using the Dreamcatcher Luxurious Electric Throw thanks to the built-in overheat protection and low running cost of just 4p an hour.

Hailed as ‘certainly a good way to keep the heating bill down’, shoppers are turning to the heated electric blanket during the colder winter months. 

One user raved: ‘Bought this item as an alternative to putting the heating on in the house during this massively increased energy charging period. 

‘Warm the body, not the whole house attitude. It’s fab, and since using it I’ve been warm sat watching TV in the evenings and not put the heating on all the time. Smart meter agrees!’.

Another agreed, adding: ‘Bit of weight to it, but only adds to cosiness of it. I turn on high for 5 mins to warm up quickly then turn down to low. Great for these colder days, sat watching TV. Don’t need heating on.’

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