Tom Brady Says He Doesn’t Have Pre-Game Superstitions: ‘There’s None’

Star quarterback Tom Brady, The Late Late Show host James Corden, and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton are talking superstitions.

The trio sat down for a chat titled "Talking Big," as part of a partnership with IWC Watches, this week.

During the video, talk show host Corden asked Brady, 43, and Hamilton, 36, about their pre-game rituals. "Let's talk about superstitions, okay?" suggested Corden. "I've never met an athlete or a sports star who doesn't have some. Talk to me about your superstitions. Do you have any rituals that you do before a game or before a race that you feel bring you luck?"

"This is the first day you've met someone that doesn't have superstitions," responded Brady.

Corden couldn't quite believe that the seven-time Super Bowl champ doesn't have any superstitions. "Really?" Corden asked Brady. "There's nothing?"

"Same here," Hamilton chimed in.

"I'm not superstitious at all, " Brady insisted.

"You don't lace your shoes in a certain way? You don't do one glove on, next glove, nothing?" Corden asked.

"Hey, if that's the reason why we're losing, we are screwed," Brady answered with a laugh.

Though he said he's superstition-free now, Hamilton did give brief insight into the rituals he had when he was younger.

"I think [I] must have been 10 or 11," Hamilton remembered. "My brother gave me this conker [a chestnut], and it was my lucky conker. So I put it in my suit. I don't what happened to the damn thing. Came out [of my] trouser leg or something. I lost this conker."

"And then, I had a lucky pair of underwear, but my mom shrunk them," Hamilton told Corden and Brady. "It didn't get 'til i was 17 or 19 and I had a sequence of how to get ready. So I was getting dressed, right sock first, left sock all this."

The system seemed to work until Hamilton messed up part of his routine. "And remember I got in the car — I was in Germany — and I'm about to start the race and my helmet wasn't done up. So I've missed one of those elements of these steps that I had made crucial to getting the job done," Hamilton said.

"And I remember I crashed several seconds later. And after that, I was like, 'This is ridiculous, this is all in my head,' and I basically got rid of that. And now, like Tom, I don't have any of those things. I think we probably create those things in our minds." 

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Brady weighed in, noting, "It's interesting because some days you're really up. You walk into the stadium three hours before the game, like the Super Bowl. There's more energy. You're more amped up, right?"

There are times though, Brady admitted, that he has to get himself into the proper headspace. "Some days I walk in, I'm tired," Brady said. "Man it's a one o'clock game and you just maybe had a Monday night game so you didn't quite get [rest] and then, how do you get yourself up?"

In those cases, he makes sure to put some music on to get into the game, Brady clarified. "So, a lot of it is … instinctual things, too, that I never want to be so fixed and rigid that, 'Oh, I have to do this.' Maybe I need something different on that particular day because life is not robotic."

Brady's confession about how he amps himself up will stick with the Carpool Karaoke host, Corden claimed.

"Now when I'm watching like a one o'clock game and I put it on TV I'm going to be like 'Oh Tom is tired,' " said Corden as Brady laughed.  "[I'll be thinking] 'He's probably listening to some show tunes right now just to really pump himself up. He's got the Hairspray soundtrack on. He's going for it.' "

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