Transgender model pockets £600-a-week after setting up racy OnlyFans in lockdown

A transgender actress, who found fame on BBC, revealed she's earning a whopping £600-a-week thanks to her saucy snaps.

Nicole Gibson, 40, first hit screens when she played Evie Williams in Silent Witness and then starred in Channel 4's Catastrophe.

But as her acting roles were sporadic, the former model repeatedly dipped into her savings and borrowed money from her parents.

When the hospitality industry closed during the coronavirus lockdowns, Nicole couldn't earn cash through bar and cafe shifts either.

But since she turned to OnlyFans, her financial worries soon became a thing of the past as she's pocketing hundreds a week now.

With a past in the modelling industry, Nicole, from North Yorkshire, sells her raunchy snaps to fans who subscribe to her content.

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She said: "I just thought, What am I going to do? I can't keep going to my parents, who were absolutely brilliant.

"The acting work is so sporadic and quite few and far between and it's such a long process.

"I didn't want to be an escort and I don't want to have a normal job.

"Obviously, I take care of my body, and there's only so much I want people to see. But it is mine. and it's precious."

She was drawn to the raunchy line of work because she likes to be "complimented" as she finds it rewarding and empowering.

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Nicole added: "There are feminists the world over that will hate that.

"But at the end of the day, you need to use what you have got to make your life better.

"If you've got a huge IQ, you know, you make money off that.

"I happen to be very confident and feel better in my bra than I do fully dressed, to be honest."

The former model first began her transition in her mid-twenties before completing the operations around 2011.

Her DD boobs are all natural and developed after she began taking hormones.

Nicole says she loves her curves and flaunting them in saucy OnlyFans snaps.

She added: "A friend once said to me 'Be the trans woman that men want to go to bed with, not somebody who moans all the time about not feeling equal'.

"I do imagine that some of the trans community will roll their eyes at my account but I'm just a normal girl that does normal girl things, and there are plenty of normal girls on OnlyFans too.

"Being trans is just something in my medical history. I'm just me."

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She even thinks she could put down a deposit on her dream home sooner than expected.

The actress found she enjoys her new kinky line of work so much that she's planning to carry on selling saucy snaps alongside acting.

She concluded: "It's 2021, I'm sure there are people who won't like it.

"But there are also so many people who will just think 'Well, good for her'. After all, they are just boobs."

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