‘Universally’ flattering lipstick shade that suits all skin tones

Nude lipstick is a make-up bag essential and has the power to completely transform a look. Express.co.uk spoke to Charlene Flanagan, MUA and Co-Founder of Ella & Jo Cosmetics about the most flattering nude lipstick shade for every skin tone colour. 

Nude lipstick is really popular, and frankly timeless, but there is a trick to choosing the perfect colour match otherwise the “wrong shade of nude for your skin tone” can look off. 

Charlene said: “We all know that nude isn’t a universal term when it comes to lipstick. 

“In my 10+ years as a makeup artist, my general rule of thumb is to look at the skin tone and eye colour to determine the most flattering shade of blush for the cheeks and then I match the lipstick.  

“This is also a really foolproof way of helping customers and clients understand without needing a professional level of knowledge.  

“Warm skin tones with green, hazel or brown eyes opt for warm-toned eg: peach. Cool skin tones with blue or grey eyes opt for pink-based blushers.  

“Then once you have found your tone of blush you match your lipstick tone to the overall colour you have placed on your cheeks for the most flattering look.”

When it comes to lipstick shades, “the depth of the lipstick colour should correlate with your skin tone, meaning the lighter the skin, the lighter the nude, and the darker skin, the darker the nude”.

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“Those with fair or light skin can beautifully pull off pink- and rose-based hues, whereas medium and olive skin tones look incredible in beiges, browns, or even a berry or mauve-adjacent nude,” she added. 

“As for deeper skin tones, there’s a lot of room to play with shades ranging from creamy, dark caramels to rich cocoa.”  

Anyone worried the shade isn’t going to suit them, should play around with transparency. 

“The more sheer a lipstick, the more your lip colour comes through and likewise the more matte a lipstick it provides more coverage to the lip and your natural lip colour,” the makeup artist said. 

Just because you’ve chosen a specific nude lipstick, doesn’t mean that’s the only variation you can wear as Charlene recommended altering it slightly by using more than one product. 

She revealed: “When you have found your perfect nude, you can always change things up by choosing different toned lipliners or buying different textured lip glosses to change the overall look and feel.  

“To help your lipstick last longer make sure your lips have been cleansed, that there is no foundation or concealer residue on them. Apply using a clean lip makeup brush for an even application.”

Anyone looking for a high-quality nude lipstick should consider Charlotte Tilbury or Sarah Keary Makeup. Charlene explained: “Charlotte Tilbury in my opinion has done the nude lipstick ranges really well. 

“Her infamous Pillow Talk lipstick was my number one used lipstick as a bridal makeup artist, it’s also available in medium and deep tones which makes it so incredibly versatile.  

“Sarah Keary Makeup, an Irish cosmetic brand developed by a makeup artist has designed the most incredibly luxe range of nude lipsticks with liners. 

“A bridal makeup artist for years she knows the tones and shades that most women were searching for and the ones I reach for most in my personal and professional makeup bag.”

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