Vet's urgent warning to dog owners over 4 toys to NEVER give pets

Veterinary clinic issues urgent warning to dog owners over the four toys to NEVER give their pets – including two popular types of bones

  • River Road Veterinary Clinic in Norwich released a list of items to avoid 
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A veterinary clinic has issued an urgent warning to dog owners over the four popular toys they should never give their pets.

The River Road Veterinary Clinic in Norwich has released a list of the items pet owners should avoid letting their pets play with after noticing a spike in injuries.   

Although some minor injuries only affect the mouth, the experts said dogs can require surgery if they accidentally ingest parts of the toy.

Speaking to The Sun, the veterinary team urged dog lovers to stop giving their pooches rawhides to chew on.

Although they can keep dogs occupied for hours, the experts said rawhides can be particularly dangerous if they enter your pet’s digestive system. 

The River Road Veterinary Clinic in Norwich urged pet owners to avoid giving their dogs rawhide bones to chew as the fragments can swell in the stomach. Stock photo

They explained: ‘They are often swallowed and they absorb water and swell within the stomach, growing in size and rendering them unable to pass through the intestines.’ 

If they swallow a large piece of rawhide, the veterinary clinic team says that surgery is the only course of action to remove it.

Instead, they recommend giving dogs pressed rawhide chews as they dissolve naturally and don’t swell in the stomach.

But rawhide isn’t the only type of bone that the experts have warned against.

The team also urged pet lovers to think twice before giving dogs marrow bones – as the centre can prove to be especially problematic. 

They added: ‘The fatty marrow found in the centre of the bones can cause pancreatitis in sensitive dogs so it is best to scoop most of the centre out before giving it to your pet.’

On top of this, the vets said dog owners shouldn’t be cooking the marrowbones before giving them to their pets.

This extra step can make the outside splinter, which runs the risk of removal surgery.

The experts urged dog owners to carefully inspect rubber balls before letting their dogs play with them – as the air holes can damage the tongue. Stock photo.

The team also warned against giving your dog soft toys that haven’t been designed to be played with by animals – as they’ll often fall apart and be accidentally ingested. Stock photo

Before giving your dog a marrow bone to chew, the experts urged owners to scoop out the insides – which can cause pancreatitis in sensitive dogs. Stock photo


– Rubber balls with air holes

– Children’s soft toys

– Cooked marrowbones with fatty insides

– Rawhide bones 

Furthermore, the veterinary team urged dog lovers to carefully inspect any rubber balls they’re letting their pooches play with.

Often, these balls will have one air hole on the side – which runs the risk of suctioning itself to the dog’s tongue.

If this happens, it can cut the blood flow and cause dangerous nerve damage.

However if your dog loves these types of toys, the experts said it is possible to find some without a risky air hole.  

Finally, the veterinary team said that dogs often run into trouble when playing with small soft toys.

As they will usually get torn apart over time, dogs end up ingesting fragments of the toys – which results in life-threatening blockages in the intestines.

To avoid this, the team recommended sticking to soft toys which have been specifically designed for dogs – as they will usually be more durable.  

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