We dont want kids as were being selfish – I wish people could respect it

An influencer has opened up about her decision to not have kids with her fiancé.

Karina Irby has gone public with the "selfish" reason she doesn't planning on having kids with her partner Ryan Jones.

Posting to her 1.2million followers on Instagram, the Australian bikini model raised the topic online after telling her close ones first.

She wrote: "Why we're not interested in having kids. Ok, so I'm getting a lot of messages about this since my story.

"The truth is that Ryan and I love kids! But, as for having our own, we are genuinely not interested. And there are so many factors."

The model revealed how the couple are "selfish" as they love their lives together and having the freedom to do whatever.

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She added: "We are also busy and obsessed with our work. Running a company is like having a child.

"You never rest, you're always on and your love for it continues to grow every day.

"Also, the thought of putting another human on this planet scares me right now.

"And people wonder why I'm not interested in having children… eeeeeep.

"Why on earth would we want to put another person on this planet to clean up, deal with or die in this mess we've created."

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Karina told how she grew up believing that kids was the thing to do, but as she got older all that changed.

She continued: "If you don't want children, please know that it is fine! But if you do, that's fine too!

"Remember that your life is yours and yours alone. You need to live each day for you and not for others or their expectations of you."

The model later confirmed to news.com.au that she consulted her close ones first before going public about the couple's decision.

Since she shared the pair's confession on social media, many praised her as the post racked up over 113,000 likes.

One wrote: "You don't need to explain why you don't want kids to anyone, it's none of their business.

"People should be able to hear 'I don't want kids' and leave it at that."

Another praised: "We need to hear this more, thank you so much for sharing this.

"I really relate and am grateful to know I'm not alone in this way of thinking."

A third applauded: "You explained this perfectly."

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