What is a self-care workout? Try this one at home

The yoga boom wasn’t confined to lockdown, according to a new report.

The collective shift towards embracing a slower pace of life was reflected in our workout choices as lower impact exercises reigned in the homes of thousands of Brits.

Without weights and gym equipment at home, many switched to mat-based modes of fitness.

Even if it was reluctant at first, some of us have come round to it, adopting slowness and gentleness more fully – these things don’t have to come at the cost of getting fit.

The pattern is showing in fitness membership brand ClassPass’ studies, which revealed their spa and wellness services were up 74% in July 2021, when compared to the same time in 2020.

Classes that focus on ‘finding your zen’ have also been on the up.

In a move away from high intensity workouts, people are turning to holistic classes that are connected more directly to mental wellbeing.

Yoga, Pilates and stretch classes in particular have been popular, and ClassPass say these types of workouts have ‘proven to be effective stress busters’.

These types of workouts can include ‘relaxing techniques such as guided breathwork and meditation’, making them an experience truly for the body and mind.

Across ClassPass’ top 10 booked appointments, in-person yoga takes the second spot while livestream yoga comes in ninth – in fact, people new to ClassPass are most likely to make this exercise their first booking.

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