What it’s like to date a stripper, according to an exotic dancer

An adult entertainer revealed her job can put a strain on relationships.

The sex worker confessed she’s had to deal with plenty of jealous partners over the years.

She added that establishing boundaries can be difficult.

While the stripper feels comfortable stripping off for paying punters, boyfriends that demand free lap dances irk her.

The exotic dancer – who also works as a porn actress – spoke about her love life in a candid interview with Cosmopolitan.

She recalled dating her ex partner Sam, who was very supportive of her sexy dancing career.

While the pair enjoyed hanging out, their relationship soured due to his “stripper fever”.

He turned up to work to cheer his girlfriend on, which drove paying customers away.

He also told everyone about her job, which the sex worker says you should never do without someone’s consent.

The breaking point came when Sam asked her to lap dance for him at home.

While he didn’t mean to offend with the comment, the sex worker didn’t take it well.

She explained: “I find that the only time boundaries get blurred for me is when a partner doesn’t acknowledge that the work I do is labour and deserves respect.

“Would you expect your wife, a chef, to come home at the end of a long day and cook an elaborate meal for you? Would you tell your accountant husband that you didn’t want to hear about how mean his boss was today because his boss is a woman and it makes you jealous?”

The exotic dancer confessed she now sets boundaries before dating someone new.

She added: “These days, when my partners want to visit me at work, they ask first…

“And when it comes to lap dances in the bedroom, they always let me be the instigator.”

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