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CREATOR of Luther, Neil Cross, is set to thrill fans with a chilling new supernatural drama, The Sister.

Neil Cross, who wrote the books the show is based on, said: “Our job is to make viewers want to sleep with the lights on. We’re looking forward to it.”

When does The Sister start on ITV?

ITV has announced The Sister will be part of its 2020 autumn schedule.

ITV created a buzz by giving a glimpse into the new four-part drama series with photos released in April 2020.

The official release date of the thriller is still unknown.

Who is in The Sister?

Russell Tovey stars as good but aimless Nathan.

Nathan is hiding a secret which he has tried hard to make up for.

Even though he tries hard to keep his skeletons in the closet, as dramas go, it may be only a matter of time before what is hidden comes to light.

Russell's most notable for appearing in The History Boys, Years and Years and Being Human.

We've already seen him on our screens in 2020 in drama Flesh And Blood.

Russell Tovey said: “The Sister is going to challenge me as an actor more than I’ve ever been challenged before.

“As a web of lies, that he thought was dead and buried, comes back to haunt Nathan, he sinks deeper and deeper into the horror of the event that happened ten years ago.”

Bertie Carvel, who has starred in Doctor Foster and Baghdad Central, plays Bob, a familiar face from Nathan's past who rocks his world by turning up with some shocking news – years  after Nathan has settled into his new life as a devoted married man.

Other stars in the new series include Amrita Acharia, who has starred in Game of Thrones, Nina Toussaint White, best known for GameFace, and Paul Bazely from Benidorm.

What is The Sister about?

The series is written by Luther creator, Neil Cross.

Inspiration for the drama is taken from Cross' novel, Burial, and tells the story of a man who tries hard to put his secret past behind him.

His life is turned upside down when a decade after he is married and settled into his new role as a husband, a face from his past called Bob arrives to haunt

Shocking news delivered by Bob to Nathan triggers a series of events and decisions which sets a theme of love, redemption, suspense and dread.

Neil Cross said: "Nathan, Bob and Holly have been with me for many years. I couldn’t be more excited to see them brought to life by Russell Tovey, Bertie Carvel and Amrita Acharia"

The Sister is produced by Euston Films for ITV and will be streamed exclusively on Hulu in the US.

Currently, there is no trailer for The Sister, but make sure you check back for updates

The series is produced by Jonathan Curling, whose previous work includes Tin Star and Baghdad Central.

Niall MacCormick of The Victim and Doctor Thorne directed the series.

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