Woman branded horse crossed with rodent gets revenge with epic transformation

A woman who was branded a ‘horse crossed with a rodent’ has got her ‘revenge’ by undergoing an extreme transformation.

Claire Elizabeth decided to get facial reconstruction surgery after she was given the cruel nickname by trolls.

Now she has shared the different stages of ‘grief’ she went through in line with a TikTok trend that sees users transform.

In the clip that has now racked up a huge 2.1 million views, Claire revealed the five steps of her transformation.

She wrote in the video: “They say there are five stages of looking like a horse crossed with a rodent.”

Claire shared a snap of herself from when she was younger, where she wore braces and a paper hat while she tried on some frameless glasses.

Claire then revealed several photos of herself she listed the different ‘stages’ she went through, that included: “Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.”

But, she did not stop there.

She added one more stage, which was “revenge.”

The babe underwent the knife and got jaw surgery to change the shape of her face – and looks unrecognisable.

Claire first shared some snaps post-operation as she donned a patient gown and had a severely swollen face.

However, after the puffiness and bruising disappeared, Claire revealed what she looks like now.

The dark haired beauty gave a massive grin and she flaunted off her new look, her eyes lit up as she posed for the camera in a corset type top.

“And that’s on facial reconstruction”, Claire praised.

In awe of Claire’s transformation, many people rushed to the comments to praise her ‘glow up’ and reassure her that she beautiful, even before surgery.

One person commented: “I absolutely love your smile! I’m so glad you’re happy with yourself, that makes me happy.”

Another user added: “I had the same surgery! It’s such a confidence booster.”

A third person voiced: “You’re so pretty.”

Someone else praised: “Gorgeous before, gorgeous after. You just didn’t see it.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person expressed: “Your surgeon's hands are blessed omg.”

Claire is not the only one who has impressed with her transformation.

Previously, Madie admitted that she was 'tired' of being the 'ugly girl' so worked on her makeup and styling choices.

Now the babe looks sizzling hot – and her TikTok fans certainly agreed.

And, Jacquelynne Hudson has shared how she can look totally different when she wipes off her makeup.

People praised her for showing that not everyone looks totally glam all of the time.

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