Woman cant get into pink home due to influencers taking selfies

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This pink home in Wales is red-hot on Instagram.

A woman who wanted to brighten her block by painting her home pink now says “influencers” are using the property as a backdrop for their social media selfies.

Cardiff resident Eleri Morgan, who bought the property in 2018, decided to paint her home — from a drab beige to a lively pink — during lockdown.

“After years of renting, where everything has to be white walls and brown carpets, it felt like a bit of freedom being able to live in a colorful house,” the 32-year-old comedian and yoga instructor told WalesOnline.

However, these days Morgan can hardly enjoy her flamingo pink façade for all the influencers milling out front.

“They wouldn’t know to tag me, so I get messages from friends saying, ‘Why is there a picture of your house on social media?’” she said.

Morgan said the social media mavens began trickling in some time last month, as the UK began reopening following the coronavirus pandemic. Some, she told WalesOnline, have even posed at her doorstep, pretending as if they had just been inside her home.

“I didn’t think people would be quite as interested as this in the house, but it now happens probably two or three times a week,” said Morgan, adding that she knows it’s “completely harmless.”

Despite the minor inconvenience — she’s been known to wait in her car while the selfie snappers do their thing — she wouldn’t consider telling them to scram.

“I don’t mind it at all and I feel there must be other places who get it far more than me,” said Morgan, who thinks that to interrupt them would be embarrassing for everyone involved.

“I try not to walk towards my house until I know they haven’t noticed me because if it was the other way around I think I’d die of embarrassment,” she explained, and joked at the prospect of asking pardons for entering her own home. “I’m like an awkward Welsh person having to say ‘I’m so sorry to have to go into my own house!’”

The appeal of Morgan’s pink crib reachers further than influencers as the building’s edifice and living room was featured on Channel Four Wales scripted series “Jam” as home one of the show’s characters.

“It’s flattering I guess,” said Morgan, who has a mind to share in the joys of a colorful residence. “I really want to put leaflets in my neighbors’ doors that says ‘Paint your houses!’ ”

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