Woman confronts man at gym who kept walking by her whilst she was squatting

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A fitness influencer has shared the moment she was intimidated by a bloke at the gym after she told him simply to stop walking by her.

Anna Archer, 20, was working out in the gym, minding her own business until a man “kept” walking close to Anna as she was trying to lift a weight whilst squatting.

Standing on a wooden platform, the influencer who boasts 1.2 million TikTok followers became distracted as the bloke would step onto the wood as she was working out.

So, Anna nicely asked the man to stop, but she was met with a response she was not expecting.

Having already been filming her workout, Anna managed to catch the moment on camera and has now shared it to TikTok for all to see.

The fitness influencer explained in the video: “This guy kept walking across the platform where I was working out.”

Asking politely, Anna said: “Do you mind not walking on the platform while I’m squatting.”

However, the fitness guru did not receive the reply she was hoping for.

The man then questioned Anna and replied: “Move forward a bit then, you don’t have to go as far back do you?”

Anna voiced: “It’s where I want to squat.”

Despite Anna asking politely, the man was not going to give in and did not want to respect Anna’s personal space.

The bloke said: “Well then it’s where I want to walk.”

Anna sighed and put down the weight. She told viewers she left the gym “straight away” after this.

Since being posted, the video has now racked up 6.5 million views and 888,000 times.

Outraged by the situation, many people fled to the comments to defend Anna and provide her some support.

One person commented: “Why are men like this.”

Another user expressed: “It’s not even the fact he did it, it's the anger after confronting him in a calm tone that’s actually scary.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Men getting mad about the bare minimum makes me laugh so much.”

Someone else added: “It’s a gym, squatting safely takes priority over where someone walks!”

As a fifth person remarked: "I would have simply cried after this.”

Anna replied to the comment and admitted that she did cry after the incident.

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