Woman gives bathroom a stunning makeover for £15

Thrifty woman gives her bland and boring bathroom a stunning makeover for just £15 using ‘great quality’ stick-on tiles from Poundland

  • Lisa Dawn, from the UK, gave her dull and dingy bathroom a bargain makeover 
  • The thrifty woman transformed the space using stick-on tiles from Poundland
  • Said renovation had just her just £15 thanks to the easy and ‘great quality’ tiles 

A thrifty DIY enthusiast has revealed how she transformed her dull and impersonal bathroom into a chic space for just £15. 

Lisa Dawn, from the UK, took to Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks, to share her lockdown project – which she completed by herself.

The savvy shopper gave the dingy and boring space a bargain makeover using stick-on tiles from Poundland which she cut into shape before applying to the wall. 

Posting snaps of her renovation, she wrote: ‘Revamped my bathroom with “Clever Tiles” from Poundland. All in all cost me about £15 to tile this part. 

Lisa Dawn, from the UK, took to Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks, to share her lockdown project – which she completed by herself (pictured before, her dull and boring bathroom)

‘Bargain! Great quality too and easy to apply.’ 

The before pictures show a plain bathroom with beige walls and a plain floor, along with white accessories. 

But after spending £15 on the lively stick-on floor tiles, the after pictures reveal how Lisa was able to add an injection of colour and personality into the dull room.

The thrifty DIY enthusiast revealed she searched through three different branches of the high street store in order to locate the tiles to complete the project.

The thrifty DIY enthusiast said she transformed the space with the ‘easy-to-use’ and ‘great quality’ tiles

Sharing the renovation online, she said the project cost her about £15 using tiles from Poundland 

She revealed the project had been ‘pretty easy’, explaining: ‘I cut the tiles before putting them on the wall. And also cut single tiles out to fill awkward spaces.’ 

Meanwhile she went on to write: ‘These were actually easy to apply! I didn’t ruin any of the tile squares, or get my hands stuck that bad.’   

Other social media users heaped praise on the makeover, with one commenting: ‘Good job! Looks great.’

Another wrote: ‘Lovely…they’ve brought it to life.’

‘Looks really nice,’ a third added, ‘I’m always worried I’ll get into a sticky mess. Well done you!’

‘Wow,’ another commented,’This is fabulous.’

Other social media users were quick to praise her efforts, with one commenting it had ‘brought the room to life’

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