Woman gives boyfriend birthday necklace engraved with people hes cheated with

A scorned woman has gifted her boyfriend a savage present for his birthday – with the names of all the girls he "cheated" on her with on a necklace.

The girlfriend recorded her partner's reaction and posted it to TikTok, saying: "When he cheated so I got all the girls' names on a chain and gave it to him for his birthday."

Although she doesn't show the necklace and the names marked on it, the man quickly closes the box as soon as he sees the present.

The short video attracted more than 15 million views in just four days and many viewers were convinced that the man was "guilty" of cheating on the TikToker.

In the next video, the girlfriend asked her partner why he was not wearing the necklace.

Showing the text messages on screen, the man wrote: "Why would I wear a necklace with their names on it?

"If I wear it to work, it's weird. If I wear it anywhere else, it's also weird. If I wear it with you, it's rude.

"Not to mention it's now the only gift I've got and it's a joke, so it hurt."

The conversation later took a 180 degree turn when the man started accusing her of meeting another man.

"Why are you in the west? Who are you riding with?" he asked his partner, to which she said: "Shut up, you're assuming and what made you even check my location?"

The man told her that he looked for her location because he wanted to have dinner with her.

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"Thought you might have stayed late at work again, or home. Then boom, you're all over the world rushing me off the phone and ducking questions," he said.

"So whoever he is, I hope you're happy. Honestly."

The TikToker said the drama happened a month ago and they are still not back together.

"Somehow I'm the problem," she added.

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