Woman says she wants the ‘biggest breasts in the world’

Glamour model reveals her plans to get the ‘biggest breasts in the world’ weighing 20 LITRES – after using tanning injections to change her skin from white to black

  • Martina Big, 30, from Germany, altered look with tanning injections and surgery
  • Appeared on This Morning to declare she wants ‘biggest breasts’ in the world  
  • Stunned Holly and Phil questioned how she would live with enormous breasts 
  • Former glamour model tried to show her strength by lifting up 18.9 litre bottles  
  • Viewers horrified by the news and questioned if ‘lost soul’ needed ‘serious help’

A glamour model who has transformed her look with the help of tanning injections and extensive plastic surgery has now revealed she wants to have the biggest breasts in the world. 

Martina Big, 30, from Germany, shocked This Morning presenters and viewers alike when she appeared on the programme today, declaring she wants breast implants weighing 20 litres. 

With Holly and Phil questioning how she would manage life with the enormous implants, she attempted to demonstrate her strength by lifting up two huge water cooler bottles weighing 18.9 litres.

Martina, who currently has 32S breasts, previously hit the headlines for declaring she ‘identifies  as black’, after transforming he skin with tanning injections. 

During the segment, viewers took to Twitter to question whether Martina should seek help for her body image issues, rather than trying to make her breasts bigger.

Martina Big, 30, from Germany, shocked This Morning presenters and viewers by saying she wanted the biggest breasts in the world 

The former glamour model and tanning addict lifted up 18.9 litres to demonstrate she could manage carrying implants weighing 20 litres 

One wrote: ‘Any surgeon that is allowing her to have the biggest breasts in the world needs firing, so irresponsible.’ 

Another commented: ‘She doesn’t need anymore surgery, but a therapist to help with her body issues.’

Martina Big, hit the headlines previously due to her extensive plastic surgery, and recently underweight surgery which took her breasts to a 32S.

Her skin colour change has also been well documented. When she started to have the injections, she was a white-skinned model with peroxide blonde hair, but she claims that just three jabs turned her skin black.

Viewers were left horrified by the segment, with several suggesting surgeons were ‘irresponsible’ to perform the operation on Martina

Martina explained she was ‘weight-training’ in order to manage the 20 litre breasts, which would be the biggest in the world 

Martina has always desired wanted bigger breasts, and has transformed her look with cosmetic surgery and tanning injections (pictured before finding her love for tanning) 

And Martina told a shocked Holly and Phil that she wasn’t finished with surgery, explaining that she wanted to have the ‘biggest’ breasts in world.

She aims to have the biggest breasts at 20 litres on each breast, despite already having 6.3 litres on each side.  

She explained: ‘The breast tissue has to grow and stretch, and I have to train my muscles. 

‘I do sports every day to train all the muscles. We’re going step by step. It actually works very fast.’ 

The former glamour model has transformed her look with tanning injections and plastic surgery 

A shocked Holly and Phil were left baffled by the interview, with both questioning how Martina would manage normal life with the enormous breasts 

The plastic surgery and tanning addict said she returned to her surgeon week after week to pump up her implants with more saline, showing off the patch where surgeons inject her armpit. 

She announced excitedly: ‘I can see them and feel them [growing]. I’ts really interesting. I like this.’

An apparently shocked Holly and Phil questioned Martina’s strength, with Phil standing up to lift up a 18.9 litre bottle of water to indicate the sheer weight she would be carrying.

The shocked presenter exclaimed: ‘You want more than that?! That’s what you want to be carrying. On your chest.’ 

Martina explained that she liked the feeling of her breasts growing, and said doctors were pumping up her implants week by week with  saline 

A baffled Phil struggled to lift up two 18.9 litre water bottles, comparing the heaviness  to ‘suitcases’ 

While Phil appeared to wobbly lift the bottle, Martina hastily stood up and tentatively lifted up the bottles. 

A baffled Phil questioned: ‘How are you going to carry that? It’s like a suitcase.’

But the former model insisted she would continue weight training and building her strength until she could comfortably carry the weight.

She added: ‘When I’m really really old, I will go down – maybe to this size. But actually I want to go bigger, bigger and bigger.’

Martina said she was determined, saying:’I like big breasts’ and stating her body could handle the surgeries 

Martina explained: ‘I like big breasts. When I got started I liked 2,000cc and then I wanted more and more.

‘My implants can handle it, my skin can handle it – and now I have 6,000 cc and I’m planning step by step.’ 

Phil questioned who has been trained to perform the operation, while Holly couldn’t help but wonder how she would be able to live.  

Holly went on:’Logistically, sleeping, bending down to put shoes on….How’s it going to work?’  

But Martina insisted that her husband, Michael Eurwen, 31, would help her if she was really struggling.

Viewers were left shocked by the segment, with one writing that she looks ‘horrendous’ and others questioning if the ‘lost soul’ needed therapy 

Viewers were left completely baffled by the news, with many questioning the safety of the operations.

‘Omg can someone please offer this lost soul a therapy,’ one commented.

Another wrote: ‘I think Martina looked lovely and healthy before her operations, why change herself so drastically.’  

One wrote: ‘Potentially the oddest person I’ve seen on TV for a while. And that’s considering that we’ve seen mermaids, a woman who talks to trees, people who believe in fairies, and a woman who identifies as an elf.’ 

‘Not usually the one to judge, but my goodness, does anyone want to tell this woman she looks horrendous?’ another questioned.     

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