Woman shares simple trick that made date call her back – and now theyre married

A woman revealed a simple dating trick that made her date call back – and they are now married.

Getting into a relationship can seem like an impossible task for many, especially when you have swiped into the void on dating apps.

But Kim Young Clark dubbed herself a 'mastermind' after she implemented a method that certainly would make her then-date pick up the phone.

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And, it's easier than you think.

In a TikTok clip which racked up a massive 1.9million views, Kim took part in the trend where women share how they secured their partners – sometimes with unsavoury tactics.

The wife explained: "When I 'accidentally' left my wallet in his car after our first date so he would have to call me to return it…"

After Kim left her purse behind she hoped that she would inevitably receive a phone call back – and it worked.

"Married 26 years with four kids!", she revealed.

"I’m a mastermind."

Impressed with Kim's dating method, many people fled to the comments to praise the mum.

One person shared: "I'm going to 'accidentally' leave my wallet in his car I was thinking about a few weeks ago. But now this is confirmation."

Another user added: "Thanks for the tip."

While a third voiced: "I actually once legit left my heels – it was raining and I took them off and his mum was like 'she must want to see you again'."

Someone else related: "I 'accidentally' left my keys in his car when he was leaving for college but he turned around."

However, not everyone was convinced that the trick was safe.

One user feared: "Sis risked all the credit card info for this man."

A second woman fretted: "You know he is the one when he actually calls you to give it back, instead of taking the money and leave."

This user wrote: "Imagine if he just took it and blocked you."

As a fourth suggested: "I’d do this but take my real money and cards out of my wallet first."


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