Woman wears inappropriate outfit to court to get out of jury duty and it works

A woman how she got herself out of jury duty by purposely wearing a terrible outfit to court.

Mia Graves said she tried pushing off her jury service twice but was unsuccessful so devised a plan to excuse herself from duty – and it worked.

Posting the video on TikTok, Mia says: "I'm going to try to put together an outfit that just screams 'Send that b***h home'."

She starts by putting on outfit number one – a logo T-shirt paired with biker shorts and crocs – in the hope that it gives the impression she is a "menace to society".

"So starting with this 3XL T-shirt, it says 'I love shoes, booze and boys with tattoos'," Mia explains to viewers.

"I think that just screams 'I have terrible judgement and shouldn't be a juror'.

"I decided to pair it today with these Lululemon biker shorts, and then just to really seal the deal that I should not be trusted, I'm wearing pink Crocs."

The next outfit is inspired by cowboys, pairing a red top and denim shorts with a blue hat.

She says: "It's just to kind of look like a walking distraction. I wanted to show as much cleavage as possible, lots of leg."

To convince the jury that she is not ready for jury service, Mia thinks her next outfit screams that she is "overqualified".

Dressing in a formal office attire with a shirt and a suit jacket, she says: "If I showed up and other jurors saw me in this fit they would be intimidated and want to go home, therefore they're gonna send me away because I am just better than everyone."

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And her fourth and final look is a sober look with smudged makeup and messy bun.

"The idea is just like, 'It does not look like I wanna be here," she adds.

In the update video, Mia told her viewers that her outfit plan "worked" and revealed that she wore her first outfit to the court.

She thanked her fans for picking the outfit for her and wrote: "When the judge looks at you and says 'you’re free to go', also I wore the 1st option but I had to put a sweatshirt on because it was cold."

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