Womans 33p roast potato hack makes perfectly crunchy spuds in just 12 minutes

A woman has shared a quick and easy cooking hack to make crispy roast potatoes in just 12 minutes.

Jen uses her TikTok to give cost-effective tips to followers using simple recipes and ingredients as well the all-important cooking too of an air fryer.

In her latest clip, Jen recommends using a can of tinned potatoes to save time on preparation.

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It costs as low as 33p for a standard can of 560g new potatoes in water.

Showing her fans how she gets it done, Jen empties the can and pours the spuds in a mixing bowl.

She then adds seasoning of her choice – salt, pepper and cajun spices – and gives it a toss.

Jen pops them into the air fryer tray and sets the machine to 220C for 12 minutes.

"Enjoy!" Jen says as she pulls the tray out to reveal the perfectly crispy potatoes.

"It's great for when you need something quick, isn't it?" she said. "I have these tinned potatoes all the time since getting the air fryer, I would never have bothered to make roast potatoes before.

"And they were cooked perfectly in 12 minutes, I would highly recommend air fryers."

Although some viewers said not everyone can afford an air fryer, Jen responded: "This is a meal idea for people to use if they want some inspiration.

"It's ideal for me as I had a busy evening after work so couldn't spend a lot of time cooking at night."

She reminded them that using an air fryer is cheaper on electricity cost compared to an oven, which will take longer and use more power to cook.

Jen added: "A lot of people get tinned spuds from food banks, it's an alternative for those who may not have real potatoes – which I didn't at this point."


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