Women share photos of the sweet gestures and notes left for them

Who said romance was dead? Women share photos of the sweet gestures and notes their partners have left for them in VERY unlikely places

  • Women are proving romance is not dead by posting photos of cute love notes
  • The women agreed it is the little things that count when they shared the photos
  • Some had been married 20 years and were still left gushing over the gestures

Women are posting photos of the romantic gestures and sweet love notes left for them by their partners to prove ‘romance isn’t dead’ in the 21st century. 

A mum-of-two kickstarted the thread when she posted a photo of a heart-shaped note left for her by her husband in the bottom of their coffee machine.   

Thousands of women commented on the thread sharing the little things their partners do to remind them they love them.

Hundreds shared amusing photos in the thread which included notes in the bathroom, kitchen and even in lunchboxes.

You mocha me crazy: A mum-of-two kickstarted a thread when she posted this photo of a cute heart-shaped note left for her by her husband in the bottom of their coffee machine

I’m bananas about you: ‘I regularly have this written on my banana when I take it out of my bag at work,’ one mum wrote

What a hoot: Another woman was lovestruck when her husband ‘scattered Roses’ on her bed

Straight out of the notebook: ‘I get notes too. And I leave them for him. Not every day but I might hide in his jacket pocket or shoe,’ one woman revealed

This is mugnificent: ‘After 20 years together, it really is the little things that count,’ said one woman after finding this mug this morning

You light me up: ‘Came downstairs after a shower to find these lit candles, no occasion, just because,’ one woman gushed

Stinking cute: Another mum posted this photo in the thread – pleased with her partner’s attempt at a love note 

The world revolves around you: ‘I have a husband like that too, every few weeks he puts a card like this on my pillow with something different written on it. He’s a keeper,’ wrote another

You make me melt: Another woman said her boyfriend hides ‘treats’ all around the house, leaving her delighted when she finds one

A tea-riffic day: ‘Went to make myself a cuppa in the morning before the school run once partner had left for work and this little note fell from the cupboard door that he attached with sellotape,’ this woman wrote

Wheely sweet: Another woman said she never knows where or when she is going to find her next note from her long-term partner

Off the scale: ‘I was dieting a few months ago and on my weigh in day i reached for the scales and found this,’ one woman wrote

Heavenly: Another woman revealed her husband writes her cute notes – but also leaves them for their daughters

Boo-tiful: ‘My husband tells me he loves me every day, together for 13 years, been married 8,’ one woman said.

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