You can get paid £20 an hour to game from your bed this summer

Dream jobs are notoriously hard to find.

But it looks like the search is over.

One company is hoping to recruit someone to play video games from the comfort of their own bed.

Happy Beds is on the hunt for a video game tester and will supply a gaming bed, gaming console and games to the successful applicant.

The chosen individual will be paid £20 an hour over the course of a three-month contract, for playing video games from their bed and reviewing them as they go.

They will also be able to select three games of choice – with a value of up to £150.

Employees will be expected to play at least two hours a week and will have to complete, in total, 24 hours over the summer period.

In order for Happy Beds to get an idea of gaming habits, employees will be expected to complete a review of the bed itself, supply a picture or video of their setup and fill out some questionnaires.

Anyone looking to apply must be 18 or over and allowed to work in the UK, and applications must be submitted by June 29.

The bed company has stressed that applicants must love gaming and have time to dedicate to this hobby – they also must have space to fit a gaming bed in their home.

As summer jobs go, this one sounds pretty ideal – and the flexibility means you can balance out time in the sunshine with evenings of gaming. 

James Flynn, website merchandiser at Happy Beds, said: ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for a UK gamer to get paid for doing what they love: gaming. 

‘This role will help Happy Beds to understand the needs of consumers and how effective our products can be for video gamers in terms of hitting their gaming goals, helping with comfort and storing everything that a gamer needs from consoles to controllers.

‘If I wasn’t already employed by Happy Beds, I’d be applying.’

Applications for the role can be made here.

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