Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier trilogy fight predictions: MMA world take their pick as pair prepare for deciding bout

CONOR McGREGOR'S trilogy bout against Dustin Poirier has left the MMA world divided over who comes out on top.

The pair, who both boast a win over the other, square off inside the octagon this weekend in the main event at UFC 264 in Las Vegas.

Poirier was knocked out by the Notorious in September 2014, before exacting revenge earlier this year after stopping the Irishman in the second round.

A win for either man could set up a world title fight against lightweight champion Charles Oliveira.

Here is how a number of professional fighters predict the fight ending.

Charles Oliveira – McGregor

The Brazilian has stated that he thinks that it will be McGregor who he defends his title against next.

He told AG Fight: "Today, I’m a champion, it’s a new story being written. Whoever wins, I’ll be ready. It’s a very difficult category. For me, it’s the best in the UFC.

"In the last fight, I thought that Dustin would win, but in the second round onwards. He surprised and knocked him out in the second. For this fight, I think Conor wins.

"I think he comes with another mindset, more focused. You can win, but it’s a tough, balanced fight.

"I’m going from Conor. I think he takes the fight. I don’t know why, but I think so."


Khabib Nurmagomedov – Poirier… if it goes to the second round

The MMA legend believes that McGregor will only win if he manages to stop Poirier in the first round.

He told UFC Russia: "It’s the same thing [as the previous fights].

“If it’s the first round [for a finish], I’d back Conor. From the second and further, then Dustin [wins].”

Colby Covington – Poirer

The 16-2 welterweight star is of the opinion that Poirier will win because his Irish opponent lacks the motivation for fighting now.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, he said: “Yeah, he’ll [Poirier] probably beat Conor again. But, I mean, what is that saying?

“You’re beating a guy that has no motivation left in the sport. And I love Conor. He’s had a great career, done great things in the sport, but you’re time’s up, too.

"It’s obvious that you’re not training every day, it’s obvious you’re not working on your craft, it’s obvious you’re working on other business deals to line your pockets and pad your bank account.

“It’s just not the same hungry Conor from a couple of years ago. It’s a different Conor towards the end of his journey and it’s not saying much to beat him anymore.”

Georges St-Pierre – McGregor

The Canadian, 40, is confident that McGregor will come out on top and win via a second round knockout.

He told Tristar Gym's YouTube channel: “I think McGregor is very good in rematches, and I think he’s going to have the victory.

“I think he’s probably going to win in the second round. A knockout.”

Kevin Lee – McGregor

Lightweight contender Lee, who is 18-6 inside the octagon, has backed McGregor to win, before losing in a potential fight against Oliveira.

The 28-year-old told Helen Lee: "I see Conor maybe winning this one. I think he will make the adjustments and win it.

"But regardless, either one of them I don’t think have the complete game to beat somebody like Charles Oliveira.

"I think Dustin has had a lot of fights and he is kind of coming into his own, but I think he is starting to hit a plateau period where he kind of does what he does. But there is no new wrinkles added to his game."

Paulie Malignaggi – Poirier

The retired American boxer expects McGregor to suffer another brutal loss at the hands of his compatriot.

Speaking to Helen Lee, he remarked: "It’s like it is always win-win for Conor. It is amazing what he has done really.

"You know, he can win and people will be like ‘Oh he’s back’, and then he can get his ass kicked and people will say ‘Oh he’s not focused’.

"It’s always win-win for Conor. So does it really matter? I mean the guy could lose every fight and they will all still have an excuse for him.

“You know I think he is probably going to get his a** kicked again. But that’s OK, because they will tell you that he wasn’t focused again."

Tyson Fury – McGregor

The Gypsy King is backing the two-weight world UFC champion to get his revenge on the Diamond.

He told the UFC's social team: "My prediction for the McGregor-Poirier fight is that I think McGregor will win this time.

“I think he’s trained hard, and he’s got it all to prove. It will be a great event and one to watch. Tune in."

Mike Perry – Poirier

The UFC welterweight, who has lost four out of his last five fights, believes Poirier is going to win his trilogy bout against McGrgeor.

He told Helen Lee: "That's a great fight. I definitely think Dustin showed a lot last fight and I see him maintaining that and Conor getting tired again.

"I'm sure he [Conor] is training and all of this, but I don't know what he's going to focus on, the calf kicks aren't that big of a deal. We'll see.

"His old way of fighting, I saw videos of where, like, you know, he was against Jose [Aldo] and the way that he moved, but he was also 10 pounds lighter at featherweight.

"I mean, we're going to rock with USA on that one and South Florida, that's Dustin Poirier, I think he gets it done in the trilogy."

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