‘Don’t be a t****r’ – Tyson Fury hilariously pranks locals with bin stunt as he aims to clean up streets of Morecambe | The Sun

TYSON FURY has taken trash-talking to a completely other level as he hilariously aims to clean up his hometown.

Unsuspecting litterers in Morecambe got more than they bargained for after they were met by a blast from the WBC heavyweight champion.

The Gypsy King, 34, has just launched a new range of talking rubbish bins mocked up as his face to tackle “t***ers” around the country.

He recently launched the doppelganger bin locally by attaching it to a lamppost.

However, it was also hooked up to a microphone and he would call out litterers and jump-scare shoppers as he watched on from a studio nearby before emerging to thank them or deliver a telling-off if they failed to pick up their rubbish.

Fury blasted one litter lout, saying: “So if you don't put it in the bin, someone like me has got to pick it up.


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“If we all muck in if we live in this country, and keep it tidy and don't chuck s*** on the floor, it will be a better place, won't it?”

He then demanded “50 press-ups” from the shocked man.

The bins are being used to promote Fury's energy drink brand Furocity Energy's expansion into the chewing gum market.

They will bellow out some of his most famous phrases to passers-by, such as “don't be a d***er, put your gum in the bin”, which are recorded by the unbeaten star himself.

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Fury launched the company just over a year ago and insists his new chewing gum will be just as successful as his drinks.

He says: “I've already changed the energy drink game and I'm going to do the same with energy gum and destroy the competition.

“But people just need to stop being dossers and spitting their gum on the ground, you can’t walk anywhere without passing some on the street. That’s why my head was there for them to lob it in instead.”

Meanwhile, Fury has revealed who brother Tommy should pick for his next two fights.

The champ has just returned from Saudi Arabia to watch Tommy emerge victorious from his bout with Jake Paul after the judges found in his favour in a split decision.

Despite Tommy previously claiming he would move on to fight "proper boxers" after the Paul fight, WBC champ Tyson has encouraged his brother to carry on fighting social media stars for the time being.

Speaking after the fight, Fury said: "He did a fantastic job. The world media, the world’s biggest stars, [all] came to see it. It was fantastic.

"I expected Tommy to knock him out, to be quite honestly quite comfortably, but Jake was better than I thought he’d be, so fair play to Jake Paul.

"I’m very happy. You can’t get knockouts all the time.

"I’m 33 and 0 with 22 knockouts. So, you don’t get a knockout every time, but it’s a learning experience.

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"Jake Paul was a very worthy opponent and he had to come through some obstacles like falling over in round eight and getting up and fighting on.

"Nah, he’ll (Tommy) be headlining now forever. I’d like to see him fight a rematch with Jake Paul and fight Logan, his brother."

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