ESPN Fantasy Football: New game features for 2022, including keepers and scoring options

A new fantasy football season is upon us, and we are excited to share some new features you will be able to take advantage of in your ESPN leagues this year.

These additions provide new scoring options, improved keepers management and a more personalized experience with regard to your team’s history.

Scoring options

Scoring by position

League managers can set how many points are awarded per specific scoring category. This allows you to have a TE-premium league (where receptions are worth more for tight ends than they are for other positions), as one example.

Field goals by yards (coming soon)

League managers can set the points for a FG made, missed or attempted based on the yardage, not just rely on the ranges provided in the standard game.

Bonus wins

Because the goal is to score the most points each week, this option awards a win for finishing in the top half of points scored in your league in each week. Go 1-1 instead of 0-1 if you put up a ton of points but had the misfortune of facing a team that outscored you that week.

League management

Keepers by round

Allows your league to determine the specific pick a player should be kept at for your upcoming draft.

Auto teams

This is a remedy for leagues with managers who have become inactive, as you can now set them to “Auto.” Their roster will be updated and players added and dropped by an AI-driven team manager. You cannot trade with an auto team, though. The league manager has the ability to toggle this option on and off at any time.

For an FAQ on how to activate auto-control AI team management, click here.

Additional improvements

More robust league history

Now provides more details on your specific team from any given season. See who your toughest and easiest opponents have been through the years.

Auto-start player pickups

When a user adds a new player to the roster, this ensures that the new player will automatically be placed into the starting lineup if that position was otherwise empty.

IBM Trade Analyzer (coming soon)

Helps you craft a great trade by providing stats and data for each player in your trade package and showing you what your team needs are, as well as your opponents’.

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