Gerwyn Price and Kim Huybrechts separated by ref before nail-biting sudden death

Gerwyn Price and Kim Huybrechts went the distance in a bad-tempered third round meeting in the 2022 PDC World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace.

The reigning world champion was forced to dig deeper than he might have expected as his Belgian foe forced the game into a deciding leg in a crunch seventh-set decider.

It would be Price to come out on top in a match that had darts fans around the world on the edge of their seats, with the pair sharing 17 180s as well as a stunning eight 100+ finishes.

As the first match of the evening neared a conclusion, Huybrechts called over the ref and made a talking gesture to the crowd as tempers begun to flare.

One viewer said of their battle on Twitter: "Kim Huybrechts complains to the referee Kirk Bevins about something Gerwyn Price supposedly did."

With a second adding: "Gerwyn Price pure s***house tactics again when the pressure is on him!!"

A third continued: "When will the English learn sledging Gerwyn Price is literally his fuel."

With a fourth saying: "I don't really know what bottle is but Gerwyn Price has got it."

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Price admitted after the event that the pair had some beef on stage, telling Sky Sports that he was delighted to get through with the crowd on his back throughout.

He said: "A couple of times he walked back and gave it large and I was giving it back to him."

"I told him that's one all, and if he wants to give it he has to take it back."

Before the match Huybrechts correctly predicted that the pair would share a barnstormer.

He said: "This is going to be a classic one. He's going to give it, I'm going to give it. I just have to be there, I just have to be prepared. I will prepare myself the best now ever.

"He likes to give it the big one and I like to give it the big one so I think we're going to have a classic game up there."

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