Liverpool caught Barcelona napping on a crucial corner and scored the biggest goal of Champions League

  • Liverpool defeated Barcelona in dramatic fashion on Tuesday, coming back from a 3-0 deficit to win 4-3 on aggregate and advance to the Champions League final.
  • The biggest goal of the match came with the help of a tricky corner kick while the Barcelona defenders were caught sleeping.
  • Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold recognized the defense was out of position and quickly snuck the ball through to Divock Origi to score the decisive goal.
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Liverpool completed an epic comeback against Barcelona on Tuesday to win their way into the Champions League final.

Liverpool entered the second leg of the Champions League semifinal trailing 3-0 on aggregate after a rough first match at Camp Nou.

But despite injuries leaving the home side without Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino, Liverpool rallied, scoring one goal in the first half and two quick goals at the start of the second to tie the semifinal on aggregate.

All of a sudden, the impossible felt within reach, but Liverpool would need one more goal to reach the final.

They found it with the help of a bit of trickery.

After a Liverpool push resulted in a corner kick, Trent Alexander-Arnold walked away from the flag for a moment, apparently ready to allow a teammate to take over the kick. But after recognizing that the Barcelona defense wasn’t paying attention, Alexander-Arnold sprinted back to the ball and swung it toward the goal, finding the foot of Divock Origi, who found the back of the net.

By the time Barcelona’s defenders realized what was happening, it was too late.

Replays appeared to show Alexander-Arnold basically ready to let the ball go but moving back as soon as he saw how open Origi was by the net.

It also appears that the Barcelona defenders may have been caught off guard because of another ball that was exiting the field, thinking they had a bit more time to set up before Liverpool could have gotten the ball back in play.

Whether it was a planned bit of trickery or just a bit of good fortune at the perfect moment, the result was the same — Liverpool completed one of the most dramatic comebacks in Champions League history, defeating Barcelona 4-3 on aggregate to move through to the final.

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