Meet Olivia Culpo, a Miss Universe winner, who is dating NFL star and Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey

SHE has a penchant for a NFL stars, there's no denying that.

Forget Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, there's a new hot couple in American Football that are hogging the headlines Stateside.

Running back Christian McCaffrey has made quite the name for himself with the Carolina Panthers.

Last year he received his first Pro Bowl selection in just his third season since he was drafted.

The 24-year-old also met the women of his (and most men's) dreams – former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

And Brunette beauty Culpo, 28, has already had her interest piqued when it comes to the NFL.


In 2012, Culpo got her big break – winning her first beauty pageant as Miss Rhode Island.

She followed up that success by being crowned Miss USA that same year.

Then in December, 2012 gorgeous Culpo was named Miss Universe in Las Vegas.

In the space of a year she had gone from nothing to being a recognised faced in the US.

And more success was around the corner.


TV and movie offers came flooding in for Culpo after her incredible rise.

She has appeared in four Hollywood movies, The Other Woman (2014), American Satan (2017), I Feel Pretty (2018), and Reprisal (2018).

But it's as a fashion influencer she's found her true calling, recognised by her appearances in adverts for L’Oreal and Uberliss.

On social media she's a huge presence – bagging over 4.6 million followers, who hang on to her make-up advice and fashion tips.

And in 2017, she became a restaurateur – opening Back 40 in her hometown of Rhode Island.


Since 2013, Culpo's love life has been splashed across the entertainment blogs and magazines.

She dated pop star Nick Jonas for two years from 2013, but after that fizzled out she turned to sports stars.

In 2015, she got together with former New York Jets quarter back Tim Tebow, who is now playing Major League Baseball fo the New York Mets.

Then, she embarked on a fiery romance with Detroit Lions wide receiver Danny Amendola.

That ended in tears, with Amendola calling Culpo "f***** up" in an explosive rant on Instagram.

Last summer, Culpo got together with McCaffrey after reportedly making friends with each other on Instagram.

At first they kept their romance private, before they were seen enjoying a romantic break away in Mexico holding hands.

Since then, they've shown their support for one another – with Culpo wearing McCaffrey’s jersey at a Panthers game, while he posted an Insta story about Culpo’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot.

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