Michael Bisping in angry bust-up with Conor McGregor's sparring partner Dillon Danis and tells him to 'shut f*** up'

UFC legend Michael Bisping told Dillon Danis to 'shut the f*** up' as he brutally annihilated Conor McGregor's sparring partner.

The pair went head to head in an angry bust-up on Twitter.

They clashed over Jake Paul's upcoming fight with Ben Askren as the YouTuber and ex-UFC man prepare to step into the ring under boxing rules.

Danis, McGregor's jiu jitsu expert, took to social media to claim he could knock both men out on the same night, prompting Bisping to hit out as the argument unfolded.

He tweeted: "I could literally on god beat @jakepaul and @Benaskren in a boxing match back to back on the same night."

That riled Bisping who fired back, just days after undergoing neck surgery.

He said: "A YouTuber, a wrestler and a jujitsu guy talking big about boxing is an insult to the sweet science."

Danis – who is in talks to fight ongoing rival Paul but is currently injured – responded by threatening Bisping and referencing his prosthetic eye.

The 2-0 MMA American changed his profile photo to Bisping getting choked by Georges St-Pierre.

He added: "Stay in the commentary booth where it’s safe otherwise you will need more than sweet science to fix what I would do to your other eye in a boxing ring you t***."


And at that, the former UFC middleweight champ crushed Danis, replying: "Big words for an unproven fighter. The 2, yes only 2, fighters you’ve faced have records of 2-5 and 2-4.

"Please for the love of god, shut the f*** up and stop embarrassing yourself.

"Also you had your mma debut in 2018, it’s 2021, 3 years 2 fights? Go shine Conor’s shoes u loser."

The 30-9 Brit did not stop there, though.

He then shared a video of Danis losing a wrestle and commented: "This you getting tapped out after running away @dillondanis – can’t even win in grappling matches. Now go get your f***ing shine box."

After that, Bisping quote tweeted a Danis post about Paul and Jorge Masvidal and wrote: "Imagine being so insecure about your own fight career which is actually none existent that you have to constantly take shots at fighters outside of the promotion you’re in so you get clout and stay relevant."

And he finished off his brutal attack by adding: "I’m bored recovering from surgery so ridiculing him brings me great pleasure."

Danis, though, had nothing to come back with as he was handed a KO defeat in the online feud.

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