Monaco national anthem lyrics: What are the words and which language is it in?

MONACO is a country so rarely represented in international sport that you'd be forgiven for not realising it has a national anthem.

It does not take part in the majority of team sports, and is represented in football only by club side AS Monaco, in France's Ligue 1.

However, it is now becoming known as more than just a playground for the rich and famous, thanks to the success of Charles Leclerc in F1.

Every time the Monegasque Ferrari sensation wins a race, the anthem of the principality – Hymne Monegasque – is played alongside the Italian anthem representing the car manufacturer.


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What are the words to the Monaco national anthem?

The words to the Monaco national anthem are as follows:

Despoei tugiù, sciü d'u nostru paise
Se ride au ventu, u meme pavayùn
Despoei tugiù a cuřù russa e gianca
E stà ř'emblèma d'a nostra libertà
Grandi e piciui, ř'an sempre respetà

N'amu ch'üna tradiçiun,
n'amu ch'üna religiun,
Amu avüu per u nostru unù
I meme Principi tugiù
E ren nun ne scangerà
Tantu ch'u suriyu lüjerà;
Diu sempre n'agiüterà
E ren nun ne scangerà

In English, those lyrics translate to:

Forever, in our land,
One flag has flown in the wind
Forever, the colours red and white
Have symbolised our liberty
Adults and children have always respected them.

We have perpetuated the same traditions;
We celebrate the same religion;
We have the honour
To have always had the same Princes.
And nothing will change
As long as the sun shines;
God will always help us
And nothing will change.

What language is the Monaco national anthem in?

The Monaco national anthem is in Monegasque, the indigenous local language.

The language is taught in schools in Monaco, but very few people in the principality still speak it.

French is the only official language of Monaco and by far the most commonly spoken.

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