Watch UFC legend Stephen Thompson smash bodybuilder pal with brutal leg kicks in training… before hurting OWN foot

A BODYBUILDER ended up red raw after he tried to see how many leg kicks he could take from Stephen Thompson.

The UFC legend, 37, floored Houston Jones effortlessly – but ended up badly hurting his own foot in the process.

Jones describes himself as a 'human punching bag' in his Instagram bio.

For his latest YouTube video, he put himself up against the UFC welterweight veteran.

Thompson – a former undefeated kickboxer – didn't use his full power to start off with.

But when he stepped it up a gear, he floored Jones with three huge kicks to the back of the leg.

The bodybuilder struggled to get his breath as he rolled around on the floor of the gym.

But in a shock turn of events, it turned out that Thompson had injured himself too.

The 37-year-old said: "I've got to stop right there, I've got to stop right there."

When Jones begged him for 'another ten', Thompson said: "No, I may have a fight coming up and I may have to go get an x-ray or two, this is not normal.

"I've never had this happen before. I'm doing the kicking, but yet I'm the one hurting.

"No I can't do anymore, I know you want to keep going, I know that didn't hurt at all, but my foot is killing me."

Thompson, nicknamed Wonderboy, boasts a UFC record of 15-4-1.

He recorded seven wins by knockout, one by submission and six by decision.

But he has not fought since his 2019 win over Vicente Luque.

In that bout, he broke both of his hands but still managed to win by unanimous decision.

Thompson shared a clip of himself kicking Jones with his 581,000 Instagram followers.

The caption read: "My foot still hurts!!!"

Jones posted the same clip to his page and wrote: "Getting your leg kicked by a UFC fighter was a great time! I hope your leg is alright though @wonderboymma."

Thompson replied: "My leg is doing ok now… finally! It is also 1000 per cent stronger than it was before. Thank you sir."

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