WWE's Natalya Neidhart & sister Jenni reveal their 'shammy shakes' in low-cut dresses for St Patrick's Day

WWE veteran Natalya Neidhart and sister Jenni posted a jaw-dropping video to celebrate St Patrick's Day in busty low-cut green dresses.

Natalya, 38, introduces her "bouncy" sister Jenni for the latest instalment on their popular YouTube channel.

In the 15-minute video, the daughters of WWE Hall of Famer Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart share their recipes for the Neidhart Shammy Shake.

Jenni, 39, wore a green bow, while Natalya added a unicorn headband to their festive green.

The sisters take turns blending their respective shakes, jumping up and down while using the blender.

The video ends with Natalya's husband TJ Wilson doing a taste test and some customary boob slapping.

The Neidhart sisters started their YouTube channel in 2020 and have amassed more than 63,000 subscribers.

For the Superbowl in February Jenni stunned in a low-cut orange dress while Natalya wore a red strapless number as they introduced their big game treats in an Instagram post.

The two-time champion shared the photo with the caption: "We’re making our five pound Super Bowl nachosssss!

"Link in bio to watch @harttotable make the best nachos ever for this super bowl Sunday! XOXO!!!! AND Who are you guys rooting for?!!! ⬇️ 🏈"

In a video posted in December 2020, the pair revealed Natalya is training Jenni to become a wrestler.

Natalya and Jenni's YouTube subscribers are used to the sisters' antics, usually in beautiful dresses, performing wrestling moves on each other, all-you-can-eat contests, and intimate Q&As while sitting in bed.

The stars also showed off their '5 pound dance' – a celebration of gaining weight and being "thicker than a snicker" because "thick is in."

The Iron Woman of WWE has been teaming with fellow veteran Tamina Friday nights on SmackDown.

Jenni is not a wrestler yet (unlike her sister, father, and uncle) but calls herself a "culinary and ambience enthusiast."

Be sure to check out Natalya and Jenni's hottest pics on Instagram.

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