A Place in the Sun buyer 'loses it' and breaks down in tears as offer on dream home is rejected

AN A Place in the Sun buyer 'lost it' and broke down in tears after an offer on their dream home was rejected.

The Channel 4 show sees Brits look for the perfect property in sunnier climes, and Jean Johansson is one of the presenters on hand to help them find it.

However, the guests' dreams don't always become a reality, and Jean has recalled one instance where a buyer was left in tears.

She told Express.co.uk: "There was one couple that missed out on a property and the woman just broke down into tears because I think the emotions were so high.

“I think the stakes had got higher because at that point we didn't know where this pandemic was going or how long it was going to last."

She continued: “A lot of the times a couple will put in an offer and it gets refused and they’ll be like ‘Oh it wasn't meant for us’. But I think there's been a lot more emotion attached [this year].

“There was another couple and again, this woman just lost it a bit when the offer wasn't accepted. So [the series is] full of emotion.”

Jean added how filming the show in a pandemic and between lockdowns definitely heightened the emotions of the guests.

 She said: "There was a lot more emotion. “I think in the searches and [hearing] the back stories from everyone, as they were just coming out of being locked up in their houses for three months.

"People were getting out and being able to breathe again and I think after months at home it made people really think about what they want.

“So, I think you're going to see more emotion than usual.”

Jean is one of a number of hosts on the show, which also includes Jasmine Harman, Danni Menzies and Jonnie Irwin.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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